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The Cellular Cosmogony. Koreshan Universology Predicated on Absolutely Demonstrated Premise; World Face to Face with a Radical Astronomical Revolution; Form of the Universe, the Great Alchemico-Organic World; Motion and Function; Cause of Motion; Remote Cause of Physical Motion; Cause of Motion from Biblical and Theological Point of View; Precession of Equinoxes as Related to Astro-Biological Manifestations; Transposition of Mental Force to Physical "Energy"; Cause of Motion of Planetary Disci; Knowledge of Universal Form Necessary


Optical Facts and Illusions. Proofs of Cellular Cosmogony Contrasted with Assumptions; Appearance vs. Facts; Laws of Visual Impression


Koreshan Application of Geodesy. New Method of Determining Earth's Contour; The Rectilineator; Revolution in Geodetic Surveys


Laws Which Determine Form and Function of the Universe. Perspective Foreshortening an Essential Factor; Geodesy Applied to Earth Measurement


Universal Form and Function Are Persistent. Koreshanity Regards the Universe as one Vast System


Discovery of Koreshan Universology. The Perfect Man Is the Archetype of the Physical Universe


Koreshan Principles of Optics. Problems that Demand Explanation


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Koreshan Cosmogony vs. Modern Astronomy. Darwinism a fair Sample of Modern Scientific Conclusion; Facts and Appearances Differentiated; Law of Foreshortening Ignored by Modern Astronomers; Principles of Optics Applied to Geodetic Observation; Our Minor Proposition; Our Sub-Major Proposition; The Koreshan General Proposition


Koreshan Premise Absolutely Indisputable. Law of Visual Deviation Accounts for Certain Phenomena; A Commonly Accepted Law of Optics; Cellular Cosmogony Dispels Idea of Illimitability


Solving an Incalculable (?) Problem. Easiest Way to Find a Solution Is to Jump at a Conclusion


The Earth Is a Shell; Sun Is the Center. Origin of the Moon and Gravity; Cause of Day and Night, also the Four Seasons; Meeting Point of Gravity and Levity; Cold the Direct Reflection of Heat; The Focal Point of all Influx; Planets Are Spheres of Physical Spirit; How Eclipses Are Produced; Geometry the Basis of all Measurement; Limitation a Pronounced Property of Form


Central and Circumferential Limitation. A Universe Within a Universe; Physical Heavens Constitute Pattern of Social Government


Life Develops and Matures in a Shell. Apparent Contraction of Space; Comets the Production of Relation of Sun's Motion to the Colures; Lunar Function and Form; The Moon's Phases; Eclipses, of the Sun and Moon; Purposes of the Ecliptic; Position of the Ecliptic (Cutting off ); Influence of Motion of Sun upon Metallic Laminæ and Surface of the Sphere


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Forces and Factors Which Perpetuate the Universe. Origin of Stars and Planets; What the Vegetable Kingdom Affords; What the Capillary System Affords; Relation of Microcosm to Macrocosm; An Unsettled Problem; The Earth Comparatively Stationary


True Science Is Founded on Demonstrated Premise. Astral Nucleus of Physical Cosmos an Eternally Fixed Point; Descending (or Gravic) and Ascending (or Levic) Eliminations; Cosmogonical Limitations as to Time and Space; Relation of Central Star to Circumferences


Plumbline Is First Step in Rational Demonstration. The Sun Is Constructed on the Basis of a Helix; The Sun in Relation to Earth, a great Compound Magneto-Electric Battery; The Moon a Compound Reflection of all Strata; Liquid Mercury the Intermetallic Substance; Cause of Perigee, Apogee, and Helical Motion; Outermost Metallic Plate of Earth's Crust, the Greatest in Specific Gravity; Sun Has a Secondary Gyre; Peculiar Office of Mercury as a General Solvent; Photo-Alchemic Action Determines Color Resistance; How Chloride of Sodium Is Formed; Candid Investigation Would Soon Convince a Truth Seeker


Telescopes More or Less Imperfect. First Step of the Copernican System a Mere Hypothesis


The Geodetic Survey. Unreasonable Opposition to Our Claims; Extra Precautions Taken to Overcome all Objections; Objections Contradict Each Other; Reply to Charge of Inclining First Section


Tests That Cannot Be Ignored. Practical Experiments Made by Koreshan Geodetic Staff; Observations on Return Equally Convincing; Unmistakable Evidence of Concavity


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Experiments on Lake Michigan. Observations with Opera Glass and Telescope from Naples Beach; Sanibel Light Visible 34 Miles; Cape Romano Visible 25 Miles with Eye at Water Level


Objections by Illogical Critics. Observations on Gulf of Mexico by Koreshan Geodetic Staff; Experiments on Naples Bay; Water's Concavity Visible


Preparations for Geodetic Survey


Levels, Plumbs, Appurtenances, and Records. Personnel of the Staff and Corps of Witnesses; Visiting and Investigating Committee


Results and Inevitable Conclusions. Details of Measurements and Extension of Air Line into the Water; Testimony of Levels, Plumbs, and Horizon; Details of Visual Projection of Air Line over Gordon's Pass; Extension of Air Line into Water; Table Showing Altitude of Air Line, etc.; Measurement of Altitude of Air Line on Tide Staffs; Comparative Results of Altitude Measurements of Concave. and Convex Surfaces




      Cause of Variation of the Pendulum


      The Wonderful Properties of Radium


      Astronomical Mysteries and Hypotheses


      Force of Vibration Applied to Aerial Navigation


      Synoptical Outline of Universal Egg or Shell


      Important Admissions


      Principles of the New Geodesy


      Copernican Hypothesis in the Schools


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