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Copernican Hypothesis in the Schools


THE NOBILITY AND GRANDEUR of the Koreshan premise as it confronts the world are apparent to those who are able to discern the need of the hour. The discoveries of modern investigators in the field of research have only plunged the whole body of so called "scientists" into deeper darkness. The field of astronomical research has been ploughed, but no results have been found to compare with the extension of an air-line to test the contour of the earth's surface and determine in an unmistakable manner that the famous Copernican hypothesis has been superseded by a fact that is known.

What has been taught by the Koreshan System during the past thirty-five years comprises actual knowledge. It does not deal with conjectures nor find any pleasure in drawing base lines for triangulation, when the assumption is that the earth revolves in an orbit about the sun. The conspicuous absence of facts in the old system shows how much time is wasted in searching the heavens, when the same amount of time put into the investigation of the earth's shape would show that it had never been satisfactorily tested until the Koreshan concept was put forth.

To understand the universe is the acme of human desire; for all questions of conduct would be solved by a comprehension of how much is involved in life. The discovery of the nineteenth century was made in 1870, when the actual proof of the Cellular Cosmogony was revealed by the intellect that had become fitted to involve the secrets of creation. Since that date there

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has been nothing of much importance to herald. Of course the application of forces or energies, frankly admitted to be an impenetrable mystery in their essence, to the uses of life, does go forward without furnishing any conclusive proofs to guide the world to clearer conceptions of being. The electric light has not shown the nature of the electric fluid.

The whole question of putting modern physics into the hands of the young people in our schools and colleges, does not rest upon an assumption according to the ideas of modern educators. But when the subject of electricity is treated, it develops that nothing is known of it, per se. The most that a modern instructor can do is to explain the latest theory, prefacing his remarks perchance with the statement that nothing is absolutely known of the matter under discussion.

Chemistry has held a very important place in the college curriculum. Laboratories have been generously provided to facilitate the study of what was called a science. It has had to revise all its conclusions and to renounce its groundwork in the sight of the indestructible atom removed; and yet, the men who study this branch are not yet willing in more than a few cases to admit the truth of the "discarded science" of Alchemy. They are still trying to find out what has been authoritatively stated by Koreshanity ever since its introduction into the universe of life.

The same fundamental errors which distinguish chemistry, prevent biology from reaching its object. The origin of life, either primarily or proximately, is under discussion daily, without training the mind of the student to apprehend the facts of existence, because he is not taught to know God, in whom is life.

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[paragraph continues] The origin and destiny of man are completely misunderstood, and so long as these points are not clear, neither ethics nor the various branches which relate to man can make any progress.

Geology is pivoted on the idea, thoroughly inculcated by the exponents of the Copernican hypothesis; that the earth had a beginning. How far back that epoch should be placed is a moot point; but the educated men of this period in the world's history think it was once bereft of the presence of man, because no human remains are found in certain strata.

Sociology as a science taught in the best colleges is really non-existent. The pattern for construction is wanting, because the solar system is not understood. The principle of organic unity shown in the. cell with its center and environing walls, must be put forward to insure the orderly activity of society. With the fundamental error in social construction expunged, the students might be able to grapple with the labor question and the various branches of economics to some purpose.

Psychology is trying to ferret out the mysteries of modern spiritualism, and is concerned with the measurement of motory and sensory impulses. These are all necessary in their places, but the subject of the soul and the rapport between spirit, soul, and body, are too vast in their bearing to be put aside; yet the nature of the soul is still unknown.

Metaphysics has no conception of the beautiful truths that are brought to light in the study of the brain under the instruction of Koreshanity, whose Founder has shown the intricate harmonies of cell and fibre, as used in the correlated organs of the mind.

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The above are some of the reasons why modern education is defective in its instructions. The theorizing of the past has been put up in labeled packages to confuse the mind of the student. If nothing were taught without a groundwork of facts, the mind would not be furnished with old rubbish like an attic or lumber room. Education is the greatest possible attainment of life. It should never be disparaged; but that text-books should exist built upon theories and conjectures is a shame in a progressive age.



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