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Solving an Incalculable Problem

The Easiest Way to Find a Solution Is to Jump at a Conclusion

OF ALL the absurdities of the Koreshan System, the world thinks the cosmogonical is the most senseless. "How can people entertain the belief that we are on the inside of a shell, contrary to the known truth that the earth is convex?" The fact that man

p. 81

occupies the inside of a spherical environ does not essentially resolve itself to a matter of controversy, for the statement of the truth carries conviction to every open receptacle of its fluxion.

Our promulgation of the cellular theory of the universe is not instituted without due consideration of all that it involves. We are prepared not only to show the contradictions, absurdities, and impossibilities of the Copernican theory of astronomy, but to meet every argument that may be adduced against our own, and to conclusively demonstrate the correctness of the Koreshan System.

In the original conception of the so called Copernican system of astronomy, in order to provide for the rapid passage through space of the occupying and moving worlds,--without their destruction by the friction that even the most attenuated substance would effect,--space was declared to be vacuate, as the most ethereal and attenuate substance imaginable would destroy, first, the atmosphere, then the water, and finally the substance of the solid earth of which the worlds (?) are composed.

It was subsequently discovered that as light and other [so called] energies were but the vibrations of ether, and that a vacuum was impervious to the transmission of "energy" of every description, space must be filled with something to provide for their communication. Here was a study for the mathematician. A body flying through space at the enormous velocity of 640,000,000 miles in three hundred and sixty-five days, besides the additional motion of 25,000 miles in twenty-four hours, must necessarily be free from the slightest encumbrance, hence the vacuum theory.

Now it is found that the vacuum theory will not

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work because "energy" cannot be transmitted through vacant space. How to calculate an incalcuable problem was the rub. Somebody scratched his head in profound thought, and here is the result. As we must have a vacuum to provide against friction, and substance to fill space to provide for the transmission of "energy," we must supply space with an imaginary something just thick enough for the "energy" business.

This must be purely imaginary, for otherwise we would have the friction. It must also be thin enough to obviate friction; and as the easiest way to find a solution to an incalculable problem is to jump at a conclusion, the difference was a compromise between the two extremes, namely, impalpability and nothing, and the great problem-solver split the difference between these two points. It was a great achievement for astronomy, and one of the first steps toward the overthrow of what the world, up to that time, thought to be a revelation from God.

Cannot any one see clearly, in the solution of the above problem, at the gait at which the great philosopher of attenuate ether notoriety conquered the obstacle, at what a rate the revelation theories of creation must fall into discount? What a mighty tumble for God and his visionary theories of creation; what humiliation for Moses, the medium of their communication to a benighted world, and what an opportunity for the lights of agnosticism to "don't-know" things out of existence!

The "don't know" theory--beginning at the point of attenuated ethereal solution for the accommodation of champion guessers, and the Godless Copernican basis of atheism, and ending with the unknown and unknowable god of modern Christianity--may answer

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for the ignorant who have not yet cast off the mantle of darkness adopted in the mediæval age; but for those who are emerging from the bliss of ignorance, nothing less positive than the perfect solution of the problem of life can afford satisfaction. The Koreshan Cosmogony will thrive because it is true. Its adherents are multiplying, and are the most intelligent of men and women.

Our sun, which would comprise the center of the solar system, with its planets, moon, etc., would revolve, with thousands of other similar solar systems, around another far distant center. All these solar systems, with their grand center, would revolve around still another, and this would in like manner depend upon a still greater one. This process of multiplication of centers and augmentation of the general system would continue without limit, no final center ever being reached. The physical universe would be without a definitely fixed pivot. A spiritual system fabulated upon such an astronomical system would necessarily leave out of the question a central and personal mind as the governor of the universe, hence the atheistic origin of thought, and atheism as a belief.

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