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Central and Circumferential Limitation. A Universe Within a Universe

WE HAVE DISCLOSED the character of universal form. It is defined as having the two limitations--center and circumference. These are not only limitations as to space, but they are limits as to activities in space. Work or energy must be confined to these two limitations, which must be the extremities of all activities. These extremes must also be the extremes of the transformations of matter, and the points of the correlations of matter and its co-ordinate ether.

The flow of ether toward the center stops with the limitation centrally; the co-ordinate flow toward the circumference stops also with the limitation toward the circumference. The upward and downward ways, the universal anode and cathode of ethereal activity, come to their terminal extremities at these two extremes of center and circumference. The ethereal vibrations have many limitations between these two final extremes; hence the qualities and characteristics of ethereal activity are determined by the relation of these oscillations in the ethereal coruscations and graves.

There are degrees of attenuation beyond the

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matter condition of universal space, that is, in that domain where matter ceases to be, and which in the non-vital sphere may also be called metaphysical--beyond the physical. It is not, however, strictly in the realm of metaphysics, for it deals with the physical sphere of ether, which is distinctively differentiated from the thought domain, as in the psychic and pneumic realms of thought.

The greatest discovery of the age as to cosmogony is the discovery of the cellular form and character of the world in which we live, and which constitutes the confines of the material universe. In fact, it is the only great material discovery of this century. It settles the great question of origin and destiny, and all of the great problems that are agitating the mental world at this juncture of scientific and social revolution.

There is a universe within a universe, so to speak; by this, I mean an anthropostic existence within a purely physical form, in which there is a corresponding activity or function. Each is the reciprocal product of the other; both are interdependent, and together they constitute one. These two distinctive forms and qualities are the physical universe, which we have described, and the anthropostic universe of human and psychic existence, which is in and constitutes a part of the physical universe.

The physical activities which define the operations of both matter and the essence of matter, in the domain of physics, are quite different from activities which define the operations of anthropostic existence; but between the two there are correspondential and antithetical analogies which correlate the two domains.

For instance, in the physical universe there are

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stories in the heavens, one above the other in space, interior to which is the central star. In every story in the physical heavens there are astral nuclei belonging to each degree or story; but none of these is visible to the natural eye except those in the first or lower-most heaven.

The visible stars are in our own atmosphere--the lowest natural or physical heaven. These stars are not great worlds, but rather focal points of "energy," wherein there are partial materialization and dematerialization as the result of active combustion. Correspondentially, in the anthropostic heavens (the heavens within the human race, of which humanity is the rind or pediment) there are degrees, the first containing the mental centers, the most brilliant of which only are accredited with being stars. However, each mentality is a star of great or less magnitude,--or if not a star, a nebulous approach to one. As in the physical universe there is a central star, so in the anthropostic there is a corresponding stellar center.

Physical Heavens Constitute Pattern of Social Government

The order of the physical heavens, in which all of the stars are related to the central one and regulated by it, must constitute the pattern after which the social government is to be formulated. The order and regulation of the stars of every magnitude in the Physical heavens are determined by the relation which the central star sustains to all of the stars subject to its government. The government of the physical universe is imperial, in that the head of government resides in one center; but democratic, in that all of the

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stars bear that reciprocal relation which makes the center dependent upon the reciprocal activity of the subsidiary but contributary centers.

While there is a subordinate relation of the multiplicity of stars to the central one, so there is a subordination of the central star to all of the stars, whence the central one derives its powers of government. The regulation of society, therefore, is not left to another experiment, because former experiments have failed to accomplish for the people that for which government is established, but must be regulated by the scientific knowledge and application of principles which may be determined before the correct form of government is instituted.

The science of the Cellular Cosmogony, then, determines what the final form of social government shall be which, though not equal, will enforce an equitable relation of all of the gradations of social relation and activity. The center cannot heap up and enlarge, for if that were possible there would be engendered hypertrophy of the heart and center, by which all of the other parts of the organic structure would be thrown out of proportion and balance, thereby engendering disease that would be destructive to the entire organism. The central star would be in a state of active receptivity, but would be distributing to all of the parts the qualities and substances which it had prepared for redistribution.

What is true of the central star would also be true of every part of the entire economic system of the physical universe. Here, then, is found the scientific pattern of the forms and functions of the anthropostic world, which the physical world constantly gestates.

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[paragraph continues] As the center of the physical universe depends upon its circumference, so does the circumference depend upon the center. As this is true in the physical, so is it true as to the anthropostic.

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