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Universal Form and Function Are Persistent

WE HAVE SHOWN the sphere to comprise the outlines and limitation of universal form. All convergent lines from the circumferences of the sphere determine toward and terminate in the center, which must necessarily constitute the focal point of centripetal flow--the central point of contact of all material things. The physical universe being the formulated expression of mind, the astral center of the physical universe must comprise the analogical correspondent of the astral center of the mind of the universe.

The physical universe is proximately moved by the essences of alchemical, electrical, and magnetic action, which are generated by the very form and relation of the elements which enter into the constitution of the great cell or shell of generation. Remotely, it is moved by the mental potencies that are above and prior in quality to even the unconscious or material forces; such as physical lumen, calorine, electricity, magnetism, levity, and gravity.

Universal form and its correlate universal function are persistent, never having had beginning only so far as the modifications of time (by the break in continuity) mark the end and the beginning of

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periods, and denote timic aspect, or that modification of continuity called time. "In the beginning God created," does not imply more than the beginning of a specific cycle; and such creation, or recreation, is, manifest whenever a cycle closes in the beginning of a succeeding one.

If function and form are correlate and persistent properties of perpetual being, (and there is a sense in which things were not created,) still the continuity of the universe must depend upon its recreation or creation in an existent form and function. That is what is meant by creation.

Atheists, infidels, materialists, and spiritists may continue to rave and rant at the obduracy of man's adherence to what they may denominate a "book of fables," it yet remains as an enduring monument of a never-fading glory of conception as far beyond the intelligence of the ranters as they are below, in descent, an ancestry from which they maintain they have degenerated. We mean, of course, the monkey, chimpanzee, and gorilla, of which modern atheism seems so proud to boast for ancestral origin.

After thousands of years the Bible remains the bulwark and citadel of towering strength, unaffected by the onslaughts of its enemies. Religious systems, founded upon false interpretations of the Scriptures, may rise and fall, but the truths of the Bible never--they are eternal.

The Universe Is One Vast System

Koreshanity regards the universe as one vast system, with such a perfect adjustment of parts as to embrace every department in a combination of co-operative unity and procedure, not merely as

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pertaining to the solar and stellar realms, embracing the earth inhabited by man, but inclusive of mineral arrangements, and vegetable, animal, and human life, Man, both as to his individual and universal being, is the archetype of the cosmic structure and function. He is both origin and product of the integral co-ordination of universal mode and motion.

The mind of man, inhabiting his organic form, is the positive pole of constructive potency, and the material cosmos has proceeded from his voluntary purpose and co-ordinate involuntary consociation. The laws of construction, with the potential and kinetic essences through which the depositions of circumferences are formulated and maintained, and primary and subsidiary centers pivoted, focalized, supplied, and regulated, correspond to the laws of organic unity consociating mind and body.

The universe is the great ovum of integral incubation. In-cube-ation is the modification of the lines and forms of the cube and sphere, adjusted to the purposes of use in the integral economy. The chick is incubated (hatched) from the egg, the infant is incubated in the matrix. Humanity as a whole is incubated within the great cell or ovum of universal life and not (contrary to the universal law of development) on the outside of an uneconomic adjustment and compilation of matter, as men throughout the world of boasted civilization have been blindly taught.

The forms of the incubated are but the modified adjustments of curvilinear and rectilinear motions and modes; or, as applied to man, he is the cell doubled upon itself, and the laws of mental and organic life correspond, in him, to the laws of motion and arrangement in the functions and emplacements of the

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physical cosmos. The unique and complex cell, with its correlation of circumference and center, is the expressed or evoluted form of integral being, and the forms and laws of this comical integrality are the pattern of the integral government of man.

Discovery of Koreshan Universology

IN THE WINTER of 1870 I discovered the science of the universe and coined the word to suit it; namely, Universology. The first time I ever saw the word was after I had coined it, by compounding it of Latin and Greek words, the first part being Latin, and the last part the Greek logos, word or discourse. I do not say that the word might not have been previously framed and employed. I do not know when Stephen Pearl Andrews first employed the term; but I do know that I was not conscious of any use of it until after my application of the word to my science.

In the discovery of universal science (I might say in the revelation to me of what, up to that time, had been a mystery to the world at large) I found the universe to be a composite whole, an integralism having been in perpetual existence in the past, and must be. in perpetual existence in the future. I discovered the earth to be stationary, a macrocosmic and composite shell or rind, circumferential to the atmospheres, and the solar, lunar, and stellar manifestations within this common rind or composite and concave sphere.

The universe is a fixity from more points of view than one. It is creation from God who dwells in it, and derives his functional powers through his inherent

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relativity to the integralism of the universe of which he is a part--an intellectual part, individual and recurrently personal. The formation of the universe is discovered to be cellular and therefore concave, not upon the basis of hypothesis, but upon the actual and positive demonstration by three systems of geometrical calculation, including optics and mechanics.

When the "scientific" world and the world generally discard the speculative and hypothetical methods of arriving at conclusions, and begin to reason from demonstrated rather than from hypothetical premises, they will begin to awake to some startling facts, and to realize the astounding absurdity of any and all conclusions predicated upon the guesses of men ignorant of the first principles of the origin of life and the destiny of the human mind.

The most advanced thinkers of the times are seeking the origin of life. This is ignorance seeking light but finding none, because the keys of knowledge have been taken from the world by the doctors of the world, under the influence of scholastic and classic cult. No wonder that the question is being agitated in the scholastic circles! The subject could not be promulgated for years from the Guiding Star Publishing House without awakening interest and discussion.

The Perfect Man Is the Archetype of the Physical Universe

The description of creation given in the firsts chapter of Genesis was never intended primarily as a° presentment of the physical cosmogony, but as the creation of the man himself, which in his most external manifestation is in the physical form. Thus in this outward degree the heavens comprise the various regions of the mind, while the body constitutes the'.

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earth. This, however, applies only to the integral man, and not to the so called humanity who have not attained, through the restoration, to the image and likeness of the Gods. While the genesis of man is described in the first chapter of the Hebrew Book, it is also true that the perfectly structured and integral man is the archetype and microcosm of the physical universe; and when the comprehension of the one is reached, then also is that of the other.

The physical sun is the center of the physical universe, and the earth is its crust, shell, pediment, or rind. As the sun is composed of light and heat as its primary substances, so the mind correspondingly is composed of the affectional (love, or desire) substance, and its accompanying wisdom and intellection. These two principles and substances are the primal substances of being; the one is the heat, the other is the light of the mind; and these two substances extend and exert their influences in the body to effect and perpetuate its substance and form, with all the accompanying phenomena.

The activities of the mind, so far as they relate to the organic structure of the body, proceed from the conjunction and unity of the two primary activities and substances of mind. These substances and activities eventuate in the formate solidarity of the organic natural structure, through the formation of another substantial force; namely, the substance of gravity. Weight substance, or as it may be technically called, gravic substance, is the first product of the union of light and heat, and is the first law of form.

As one of the fundamental principles of knowledge, we here reiterate that the law of gravity is the first law of formation or creation, and is the product

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of the union of light and heat; and that the body is the product of love and wisdom, the two corresponding substances of mind.

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