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Prophets and Psalms, by Emanuel Swedenborg, [1761], tr. by J.E. Schreck [1900], at

Prophets and Psalms


Chapter 35 [Jeremiah] 1-10 Those who are of the Lord's celestial church are represented by the "children of Jonadab," who were to "drink no wine, nor build a house, nor sow seed, nor plant vineyards," which signifies to learn truths and retain them in the memory, which belongs to the spiritual church; but that they should "dwell in tents," which signifies to receive in the life and obey. 11 11 From this they will have the celestial church. 11 12-16 The Jewish church does not receive nor obey, although they are taught continually. 3 17 Therefore they will perish. 3 18, 19 But those who obey will be in the celestial church. 11


Chapter 36 [Jeremiah] 1-10 The destruction of the Jewish church and nation is foretold, and it is impressed upon them that they should repent. 3 11-16 They might know it to be true. 3 17, 18 It was foretold by the Lord. 3 19-24 They rejected it by profaning it; 3 25, 26 likewise the Word. 3 27, 28, 32 The Divine truth will not perish. 11 29-31 Because they have made themselves obstinate, the destruction of the church and of the kingdom is imminent. 3


Chapter 37 [Jeremiah] Those who remained of the devastated church profaned the holy truths of the church by reasonings from knowledges [scientifica]. 2 1, 2 Those who remained did not live according to the truths of doctrine from the Word. 2 3, 4 They had regard to doctrinals. 2 5 They consulted knowledges [scientifica]. 2 6-10 It is foretold that they will be destroyed by reasonings from knowledges. 2 11-16 Thus doctrine was repudiated and falsified. 17-21 Truths were perverted, but not goods with the truths, until there was a lack of goods. 2


Chapter 38 [Jeremiah] 1-3 Those who have not yet been vastated, will be vastated. 2 4-6 They made themselves still more obstinate, by perverting doctrine from the Word, and defiling it. 2 7-13 The remnants that were not utterly falsified, were nevertheless tainted with falsities. 2 14-18 If they pervert them still farther, they will perish. 2 19-21 Otherwise, if those remnants are not so perverted, they will not perish. 2 22, 23 It is foreseen that all things of the church will be perverted. 2 24-28 This was hidden from them. 2


Chapter 39 [Jeremiah] 1-3 By reasonings from falsities the remnants of doctrine will perish. 2 4-8 They have been wholly falsified, even until there is no truth in them. 2 9, 10 The simple understanding of the Word had not yet been devastated, 2 11-14 because they were not in reasonings from falsities, but only in externals of doctrine. 2, 11 15-18 The remnant of doctrine will be falsified, but not yet. 2


Chapter 40 [Jeremiah] 1-6 The simple understanding of the Word according to doctrine will still remain. 2 7-12 Beside the simple understanding, reasonings from falsities have been tolerated, which were commingled. 2 13-16 They began to be imbued with falsities of faith. 2


Chapter 41 [Jeremiah] 1-3 Further falsification of truth, 2 4-7 and abolition of worship from this, 2 8 with some exception, 2 9 by means of falsities of faith, 2 10 and by means of falsification of truth. 2 11-15 But there were still remains, 2 16-18 some of which were perverted by knowledges [scientifica] of the natural man. 2


Chapter 42 [Jeremiah] 1-6 The remains or those left consulted doctrine, 2 7-22 but they were told, that if they would continue simply in their external worship, and would not consult knowledges [scientifica] of the natural man, they would be saved; if they should consult them, all truth and good of worship would perish. 2


Chapter 43 [Jeremiah] 1-4 But this was not done. 2 5-7 They consulted the knowledges [scientifica] of the natural man. 2 8-13 Thus they will perish by reasonings from these, and the knowledges themselves would be perverted by adapting them to falsities. 2


Chapter 44 [Jeremiah] 1-6 Much of the church perished by departure from the Lord and by falsities of every kind. 3 7-10 Now nearly all things left perish by means of knowledges [scientifica] of the natural man, nor do they refrain for fear of destruction, 3 11-14 because they consult knowledges, and thus there is scarcely any residue. 3 15-19 They make themselves obstinate, and love things that have been falsified by knowledges. 3 20-23 Their destruction in consequence of this foretold, 3 24-27 even until nothing of the church was left, 3 28 except a few things. 3 29, 30 True knowledges [scientifica vera] are perverted by reasonings therefrom. 3


Chapter 45 [Jeremiah] 1-5 Prediction that the whole church will be destroyed. 3


Chapter 46 [Jeremiah] The natural of man will perish by reasonings from knowledges [scientifica]. 3 1-6 All such knowledges are no longer of any avail, because they have been destroyed by means of reasonings. 3 7-10 Pride in these will be lowered, and they will become falsities. 3 11, 12 They cannot be healed, because the church has been destroyed by means of these falsities. 3 13-19 The whole natural perishes, nor is there anything there but falsity and evil. 3 20-24 All its learning which confirms falsities will perish. 3, 11 25, 26 The like will happen to others who trust in knowledges [scientifica]. 3, 11 27, 28 It is otherwise with those who are in spiritual captivity, who will constitute the church. 11


Chapter 47 [Jeremiah] 1-7 All who are in faith alone, so-called, will lapse into mere falsities, until they have no knowledges [cognitiones] of truth and good and they will perish on 3 the day of judgment. 15


Chapter 48 [Jeremiah] Of those who adulterate the goods of the word and of the church, who are meant by "Moab." 3 1-5 The destruction of all things with those who adulterate the goods of the church and of the Word. 3 6-9 All truths have been destroyed thereby. 3 10, 11 It has not been devastated for a long time, and therefore the evil is worse. 3 12-16 Nevertheless they will perish with their falsities. 3 17-26 There will be devastation of all things of truth with them. 3 27, 28 They are against the church, because against truths. 3 29 Its pride. 3 30-34 Grief on account of all this, 3 35-38 because there is nothing but evil, 3 39-42 because there is no longer any good or truth of the Word. 3 43-46 Every remnant of truth and good that is untouched is adulterated at the same time. 3 47 Those who have not adulterated will be amended. 11


Chapter 49 [Jeremiah] Of those who falsify the truths of the word and of the church, who are meant by "the children of Ammon." 3 1 They falsify truths. 3 2 Truths and goods with them will be destroyed. 3 3 Mourning over this. 3 4, 5 They will be dispersed. 3 6 Those who have not falsified truths will be accepted. 11 Of those who have falsified the external of the word who are meant by "Edom." 3 7, 8 They will be destroyed by things falsified. 3 9-13 Nothing of truth remains. 3 14-18 Their total destruction. 3 19-22 The last judgment is executed upon them, and they are cast down into hell. 15 Of those who pervert the knowledges [cognitiones] of truth, who are meant by "Damascus." 3 23-26 The doctrine of truth has been destroyed thereby. 3 27 They will perish. 3 Of those who pervert the knowledges [cognitiones] of good, who are meant by "Arabia." 3 28-30 They have destroyed the knowledges [cognitiones] of good and truth by reasonings. 3 31-33 Their destruction. 3 Of the falsification of doctrine, which is meant by "Elam." 3 34-36 The falsities of their doctrine will be dispersed. 3 37, 38 They will perish, 3 39 except those who have not falsified. 11


Chapter 50 [Jeremiah] Of those who have adulterated and falsified the goods and truths of the church, who are meant by "Babylon" and "Chaldea." 3 1-3 They will no longer have any good or truth. 3 4-7 Then those who are in ignorance of good and truth, because of a lack of them, will be brought to the Lord. 11 8 They will depart from "Babylon." 11 9, 10 "Babylon" will perish, 3 11 because they have vastated the church. 3 12, 13 It is without any truth. 3 14-16 Their destruction at the time of judgment, 15 17 because she has destroyed the church. 15, 3 18-20 After "Babylon" has been destroyed, a new church will be established, which will be acceptable to the Lord. 3, 11 21-24 Babylon will be destroyed because she is against the Lord. 3 25-30 They are to be wholly destroyed, 3 31, 32 on account of the love of ruling, 3 33, 34 because they do not refrain from destroying the church which the Lord establishes and redeems. 3 35-38 All things appertaining to them from firsts to lasts have been destroyed by means of falsities. 3 39, 40 They have horrible falsities and evils. 3 41-46 The last judgment upon them. 15


Chapter 51 [Jeremiah] Of those who by traditions or reasonings from the natural man have perverted the truths and goods of the church, who are here meant by "Babylon." 3 1-4 All truths of doctrine with them will be destroyed. 3 5 The Jewish church is such, and is against the Lord. 3 6 Let them beware of such. 3 7-10 Those who are there are vastated by such things, and they do not refrain. 3 11-13 They pervert truths and goods, which they have in abundance. 2, 3 14-18 They have the Word so that they can be wise, but they falsify it. 2 19-23 When the judgment overtakes them from the Lord, all things appertaining to them, from firsts to lasts, are to be scattered. 15 24-26 Their destruction will come, because they have destroyed everything of the church. 15 27-29 They will seize upon falsities of every kind. 3 30-32 Hence they will no longer have any power. 2 33 Her last time is coming. 15 34-40 They will perish because they have destroyed the church. 15 41-44 They will be destroyed by mere falsities. 15 45-50 Let them not come near those who are of the church, lest they perish together with them. 15 51-53 They cannot resist, however much they trust in themselves. 15 54-58 Those who trust in their own falsities will come to nothing and will be destroyed. 15 59-61 This is told to those who in the church have been taken captive by such, and who have become "Babylon." 15 62-64 They are to be cast into hell. 15


Chapter 52 [Jeremiah] 1-7 After the Jewish church has been wholly devastated in respect to all truths and goods by traditions or by reasonings from falsities, 3 8-11 the church is destroyed, until nothing of it is left remaining. 3 12-23 The destruction of all things of the church in general and in particular is described. 3 24-27 They can no longer be taught from the Word. 3 28-30 Their quality. 11 31-34 Beginning of the establishment of the church. 11


Lamentations Chapter 1 Verses 1-3 The church and its doctrine from the Word, which had been dominant, but now enslaved and laid waste. 3 4, 5 All of its truths and goods are perverted. 3 6 There is no power against the hells. 3 7-11 All things of the church have been devastated, and hence it is in evils and falsities. 3 12-16 Its grief on account of the devastation. 3 17-22 There is no help from heaven. 3


Chapter 2 [Lamentations] 1-9 Because all truths and goods have been destroyed, that church has been rejected by the Lord, and there is damnation. 3 10-12 Grievous mourning of the church on account of the devastation. 3 13-15 The church has no conjunction with the Lord, because it is wholly perverted, and hence rejected. 3 16, 17 Evils prevail. 3 18-22 Lamentation of the church over her devastation. 3


Chapter 3 [Lamentations] 1-64[-66] Description of the combats of the Lord with hells, which were especially from the Israelitish and Jewish church, with despair, because all had been in evils and in falsities therefrom, and against the Lord; 7, 6 He invokes the Father that He may not be forsaken and that He may conquer and subjugate these hells. These things in a summary. 13


Chapter 4 [Lamentations] 1-3 Holy truths and goods turned into falsities, 3 4 so that there is a lack of all of them. 3 5-8 Their spiritual things have become infernal. 3 9, 10 Affections of truth have become cupidities of falsity. 3 11 They were against the Lord. 3 12-14 They falsified the truths of the Word. 3 15 It was impure. 3 16, 17 The Word was rejected owing to their own intelligence. 3 18, 19 Nothing of the church was left, and therefore came their destruction. 3 20 The Lord was rejected. 9 21, 22 The external of the church was also vastated. 3


Chapter 5 [Lamentations] 1-5 Lamentation to God, that there is a lack of everything of the church, 3 6-9 because of falsities and evils. 3 10-18 They have become infernal. 3 19-22 Prayer to the Lord, that the former church may be restored. 11


Ezekiel Chapter 1 Verses 1-3 Prophecy concerning the Lord in respect to the Word. 10 4 The Divine external sphere of the Word. 10 5 A representative of it as a man. 10 6 Conjunction of celestial and spiritual things there. 10 7 The quality of the natural of the Word. 10 8, 9 Its spiritual and celestial which are conjoined. 10 10, 11 The love of spiritual good and truth, and the love of natural good and truth; their distinction and oneness. 10 12 The turning or looking of all toward one. 10 13, 14 The sphere of the Word from Divine good and Divine truth, from which is the life of the Word. 10 15-21 The doctrine of good and truth acting in unity with the Word. 10 22, 23 The Divine above and in the Word. 10 24, 25 It is Divine truth [verum], and its influx. 10 26 The Lord above the heavens. 10 27, 28 The Divine love and the Divine truth [veritas] pertaining to Him. 10


Chapter 2 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 The Word from the Lord to the prophet, 1, 2 3-5 respecting the Jewish church, that it did not receive the Word. 1, 2 6, 7 It was against the Word and the Lord. 2 8-10 There is everywhere in the Word a lamentation over that church. 2


Chapter 3 [Ezekiel] 1-3 He should be instructed in the Word, which in itself is delightful. 2 4-7 He should teach those that have the Word, and consequently are able to live according to the Divine commandments, but they do not so live; while with others it would be otherwise. 2, 11 8, 9 He should not fear their obduracy, 2 10, 11 but should teach them. 2 12, 13 It is perceived that the state of the church has been changed entirely in respect to the Word and doctrine from the Word. 2 14, 15 He was indignant that it should be so. 2 16, 17 But that He might represent the Word, 2 18-21 he would be guilty if He did not reveal their falsities and evils, and not guilty if He did reveal them. 2 22, 23 It is according to the sense of the letter, which He must explain. 2, 16 16 24-27 He must not speak from Himself, but from the Lord.


Chapter 4 [Ezekiel] Representation of the perverted church in the church. 2 1, 2 He should represent the falsities of the church, and the church besieged by them. 2 3 He should represent the hardness of their heart, from which it is that they have no fear; 2 4-8 he should also represent the church besieged by falsities of evil and evils of falsity. 2 [9]-14-16 He should represent the falsification and adulteration of the sense of the letter of the Word, 2 17 by which everything of the church has perished. 2


Chapter 5 [Ezekiel] It is represented how they have destroyed the sense of the letter. 2 1, 2 In part they have adulterated the sense of the letter, in part have falsified it, and in part forsaken it; nevertheless, they will continue to falsify it. 2 3, 4 They will profane all the truths of the church. 2 5-7 Because they have perverted the truths of the church more than others, 3 8-10 falsities have destroyed goods, and evils truths until nothing of good and truth is left; 3 11, 12 and because they have destroyed the church by profaning it, they will perish, as above. 3 13 Afterward the church will be instituted among others, 11 14-17 since all things of the Word, of doctrine and of the church have previously been consummated by profanities, and by evils and falsities. 3


Chapter 6 [Ezekiel] To all who are in evil love and in falsities from such love in the church. 3 1-3 They will perish by reason of falsities. 3 4-6 All of the worship derived from truth and good has been destroyed, because there is nothing but evil and falsity. 3 37-10 Those who depart from evils and falsities will not perish. 3, 11 11 Lamentation over this, 3 12-14 that all who are in evils and falsities will be destroyed. 3


Chapter 7 [Ezekiel] The last judgment. 15 1-4 They are to be destroyed on the day of the last judgment. 15 5-13 This will take place when the Lord comes. 1, 15 14, 15 Then they will perish by their evils, falsities, and profanities. 1, 15 3 16 Some will be left, 3 17-19 but even these will have no truth or good. 3 20-22 They will draw near to those who have perverted all things of the church. 3 23, 24 Falsification of the Word. 3 25-27 They cannot repent, because they cannot be led away from evils and falsities. 3


Chapter 8 [Ezekiel] Profanation of what is holy. 3 1, 2 The Lord is represented in respect to Divine love, 1 3, 4 and it is shown how the holy of the Word has been profaned, 3 5, 6 namely, that they have separated themselves from the holy of the worship of the church. 3 7-10 Diabolical loves have perverted the lowest sense of the Word. 3 11, 12 They have instituted a worship in accordance with those loves, 3 13, 14 by adulterating all things of good, 3 15, 16 and adoring the devil in place of the Lord. 3 17, 18 They have closed against themselves the way to all mercy. 3


Chapter 9 [Ezekiel] Visitation and judgment upon those who are of the church. 15 1-3 Exploration of their quality as respects the Word. 15 4 Separation of the evil and the good. 15 5, 6 Destruction of those in whom there is no good or truth. 15 7 Judgment upon the evil. 15 8-11 There is no compassion, because there is nothing but what has been profaned. 15


Chapter 10 [Ezekiel] The institution of the church by means of the word and by means of doctrine therefrom. 11 1, 2 The Divine spiritual of the Word there forming the church, is described, 11 3-5 from which the internal and the external of the church is full of the Divine; 11 6-8 from this the doctrine is Divine. 11 9, 10 Doctrine from the Word, which is spiritual within. 11 11 It should act in unity with the Word. 11 12, 13 It is full of Divine truths. 11 14, 15 [It is known] from the Word, that it is such inwardly and outwardly. 11 16, 17 Doctrine is from the Word. 11 18-20 Influx of the Lord therefrom into the church. 11 21, 22 Conjunction of all things of the Word, and consequent life. 11


Chapter 11 [Ezekiel] Doctrine falsified. 2 1-3 Beginning of the perversion of the church by means of falsities (the "caldron" here meaning doctrine, and the "flesh" the people) 2 4-7 by falsifications of the truth of doctrine. 2 8-11 It will be even worse, and they will perish by reason of things falsified, 3 12 because they will pervert all things. 3 13-16 All who are in falsities must be scattered; the church will consist of few. 3, 11 17-20 A new church will be instituted by the Lord, which will be in truths from Him, 11 21 at the time when the former church is being destroyed. 3 22, 23 The Word will enlighten the new church. 11 24, 25 This is made manifest to those who are in spiritual captivity. 11


Chapter 12 [Ezekiel] Vastation of the church, and fulfillment of the prophecy. 3 1, 2 They are opposed to the Lord and the Word. 3 3-12 It is represented that the church has departed from them, through the falsification of the Word in respect to the sense of the letter, until there is no longer any church. 3 13 They have destroyed the chief truths by reasonings from the natural man, 3 14-16 and consequently the remaining truths, so that there is little left. 3 17-20 It is not known what good and truth are. 3 21-25 The Coming of the Lord will not be delayed. 1 26-28 It is vain for them to say that the prophecies of the Word concerning the Lord will be fulfilled after a long time. 2, 1


Chapter 13 [Ezekiel] The doctrine of the church falsified. 2 1-3 Respecting those who from their own intelligence hatch out doctrine, or falsify doctrine. 2 4, 5 They do not stand in the day of judgment. 15 6, 7 They say that it is the Word of the Lord, and yet it is not. 2 8, 9 They will be shut out from the church. 2 10-12 They falsely interpret the truths of the Word. 2 13-15 They will be destroyed. 3 16 They will have no protection against the hells. 3 17 The affection for falsifying. 3 18, 19 From such affections arise persuasions of falsity, by which they lead astray. 3 20-23 They will perish, and those who do not suffer themselves to be led astray will be protected. 3, 11


Chapter 14 [Ezekiel] 1-4 Those who depart from the worship of the Lord have no enlightenment from the Word. 2 5 The church is of this description. 2 6, 7 If they do not become converted, they cannot be enlightened in truths from the Word, 2 8 and the church will be devastated, 2 9, 10 until there be nothing of the doctrine of truth in it. [2?] 11 They must not go back, but must acknowledge the Lord. 1, 11 12-14 When there is no longer any truth or good in the church, intercession will not avail in the least. 3 15, 16 Neither will intercession be of any avail when evil desires take possession of the church. 3 17, 18 So likewise when falsities take possession of the church; 3 19, 20 likewise when adulteration of good takes possession of it. 3 21-23 When these have taken possession of the church, another church will be established, on which the Lord will have mercy. 3, 11


Chapter 15 [Ezekiel] 1-3 There is no longer any spiritual good; 3 4, 5 none whatever, since that good has been utterly destroyed by evil love. 3 6 Such are those who are in the church. 3 7, 8 From evil love they will perish, and thus they will have no church. 3


Chapter 16 [Ezekiel] The successive states of the Jewish church. 2 1, 2 There was nothing in it but falsity and evil. 2 3-6 It was forsaken by the Lord from the beginning, because it was without anything of the church. 2 7-12 After a time truths and goods of every kind and species were given to it through the Word, and thus evils and falsities were removed. 2 13, 14 Thus it could have been in intelligence. 2 15-20 It falsified all things of the Word. 2 21, 22 It extinguished truths and goods, and became as in the beginning. 2 23-25 It turned truths into falsities 2 26-28 by knowledges [scientifica] of the natural man, by traditions, and by reasonings from them, 2 29, 30 finally profaning [truths]. 2 31 It exalted itself above all men. 2 32-34 It obtruded its falsities on others. 2 35-42 They will utterly perish by the falsities by which the truths of the Word have been destroyed. 3 43-45 Thus they will be as in the beginning. 3 46-52 The like has come to pass with the Israelitish church, but in a less degree. 3 53-55 Nevertheless the church in general shall be restored. 11 56-58 It is everywhere better than in the Jewish church. 11 59-63 A new church is to be instituted among others. 11


Chapter 17 [Ezekiel] How the Ancient Church was instituted by the Lord, and what it became among the Jewish nation (the "eagle" meaning the understanding, and "Lebanon" the rational of the church). 1-3 Those who were in the capacity to understand were brought to the church. 11, 2 4, 5 They were brought into the Lord's spiritual church, and instructed. 11, 2 6 They became the church. 11, 2 7, 8 Others succeeded, who had not the rational of the understanding, of whom the church was to consist, and to whom all Divine truths were given, because the Word was given them, 11, 2 9, 10 but they utterly rejected all things of the church, so that they could not but be devastated of them. 2 11-13 They destroyed them by reasonings from the natural man, 2 14 excepting as yet a few, 2 15, 16 who, however, were natural external without an internal. 2 17, 18 Therefore they have destroyed those things which were of the church. 2 [19?] 20, 21 They will perish by means of reasonings from the natural man, and will therefore be dispersed. 2 22-24 The Lord will establish a new church of others, in their place. 11


Chapter 18 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 It is said, If the fathers are evil their offspring also are evil; 2, 11 3, 4 but the offspring are not condemned on the father's account, but everyone on His own account. 2, 11 5-9 There are some of the offspring who do not commit evils, or act contrary to the goods and truths of the church, and these are saved. 2, 11 10-13 It is otherwise with the offspring who commit evils, or act contrary to the goods and truths of the church; these are condemned. 2, 11 14-17 But He who does not do this is saved, 11 18 although the fathers are condemned. 2 19, 20 Everyone is dealt with according to His deeds. 2 21-23 The impious man who is converted is saved, 2 24 while the pious man, if he becomes impious, is condemned. 2 25-29 Both are of Divine justice. 2 30-32 Exhortation to be converted, because the Lord wishes the salvation of all. 2


Chapter 19 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 The first thing of the church among the fathers of the Israelitish nation was destructive of all things of the church. 2 3 That nation was likewise destroying all things of the church. 2 4-7 They were natural external, and opposed to all things of the church, and therefore they became perverted and were destroyed, 2 [?8,] 9 and afterwards they were wholly destroyed by means of reasonings from the natural man. 2 10, 11 The Ancient Church was in Divine truths, 2 12-14 but in the Israelitish and Jewish church all Divine truth was perverted and rejected. 2


Chapter 20 [Ezekiel] Successive states of the Jewish church. 2 1-3 Those who are of the Jewish church worship the Lord with the mouth and not with the heart. 2 4 The first of them, that is, their fathers. 2 4-9 They worshipped other gods, and did not depart from them, however much admonished, because they were natural external; this concerning them when in Egypt. 2 10-12 They were let into temptations, and then instructed. Also, respecting conjunction of the Lord with the church. 2 13 And they cannot even thus be brought to the worship of the Lord. 2 14-17 Although they were of such a character, yet they were not cast off. 2 18-20 Their offspring were instructed in like manner. 2 21-24 They in like manner reprobated all things of the church. 2 25, 26 In consequence they had representatives different from the former good ones, because they had profaned them; this concerning them in the wilderness. 2 27-29 When they had been introduced into the land of Canaan, they worshipped other gods in every way. 2 30, 31 They profaned things holy. 2 32-36 They are to be cast out of the church, because they have been such from the beginning. 2,3 37-39 They will not return to the church, but will be among the profaners of the holy things of the church. 3 40-42 A new church will be instituted, which will worship the Lord, 11 43, 44 and they will acknowledge their evils, and at the same time the Lord's mercy. 11 The church has perished by reason of falsities. 3 45, 46 (H.B. 21:1, 2) An external or natural church, which is able to be in the light of truth. 3 47, 48 (H.B. 21:3, 4) It is destroyed by evil love. 3 49, 21:1-3 (H.B. 21:5-8) It is the Jewish nation, which is here further treated of. 3


Chapter 21 [Ezekiel] 1-3 (H.B. 6-8) [See above, end of chapter 20.] 3 4, 5 (H.B. 9, 10) They will all perish by means of falsities of evil. 6, 7 (H.B. 11, 12) Grief of doctrine. 3 8-11 (H.B. 13-16) Destruction by means of interior falsities of evil. 3 12, 13 (H.B. 17, 18) Grief of the church because they cannot be converted. 3 14-17 (H.B. 19-22) All things that remain will also perish, owing to falsities still more interior. 3 18-22 (H.B. 23-27) Destruction will come by reasonings from falsities, and yet they will have worship, but from these falsities. 3 23, 24 (H.B. 28, 29) Their worship will be vain. 3 25-27 (H.B. 30-32) That church will come to its end when the Lord comes. 1, 3 28, 29 (H.B. 33, 34) It will be the same with those who have falsified the sense of the letter of the Word. 3 30-32 (H.B. 35-37) They will be cast into hell.15


Chapter 22 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 The church adulterating truths and goods of doctrine. 2 3-6 It is coming nearer to its end. 2 7-9 They destroy truths and goods by means of it. 2 10-12 They have been guilty of various adulterations of truth and good. 2 13-16 They are destroyed. 3 17-22 Falsities and evils of every kind are mixed with truths and goods. 23-25 The truth of the Word has been adulterated, 3 26 also its good; 3 27-29 likewise the remaining things which, though false and evil, have been made to appear as though they were true and good. 3 30 Nothing is left over. 3 31 They will perish in hell. 15


Chapter 23 [Ezekiel] The church which is in truth, and the church which is in good. 2 1, 2 There are two churches, one which is in truth, which is "Samaria," and the other which is in good, which is "Jerusalem." 2 3, 4 Both are external natural, perverted in the beginning. 2 5-8 "Samaria" falsified the truths of the Word by reasonings from knowledges [scientifica]; 2, 3 9, 10 thus she became corrupted. 2, 3 11-13 "Jerusalem" likewise falsified truths, 2, 3 14-17 and adulterated goods also by various means. 2, 3 18 Thereby she separated herself from the Lord, 2 [19,] 20, 21 and defiled truths and goods still further by knowledges [scientifica] of the natural man. 2 22-25 They will wholly perish on the day of judgment. 15 26, 27 Thus the truths and goods of the church will no longer be perverted. 15 28-31 They will be in hell where there is nothing but evils and falsities. 15 15 32-34 They will also be in the falsification of all truth; 15 35 and this, because they have denied the Lord. 4 36-39 They have destroyed all the holy things of the church. 3 40-42 They boasted before others because of their having the Word and the holy things of the church, 3 43-45 although these were entirely falsified and adulterated. 3 46-49 Falsities and evils will destroy all things of the church among them, and such must be separated that they may no longer mislead. 3, 11


Chapter 24 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 The end of the church among the Jewish nation. 3 3-5 Through the Word truths together with goods have been given them, also the Divine presence. 2 6-8 They are filthy by reason of the adulteration and profanation of truth and good. 2 9-12 The Lord has labored with all His might, that they might grow better, 2 13 but it could not be done; 2 14 therefore they will die in their profanities.3 15-17 Everything of the church will be taken away from them, and yet there will be no grief on that account. 3 18, 19 This will take place when the Lord comes into the world. 1,3 [20,] 21-23 Then He will destroy all the worship of that church, and there will be no grief on that account. 1, 13 24-27 When the Lord comes, those who will be led to the new church will be instructed. 1, 11


Chapter 25 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 Against those who are in the sense of the letter of the Word, and who pervert the truths of religion by things which do not belong to religion, who are meant by the "children of Ammon"; 2 3-5 because they wonder at the destruction of the church they will not know truths; 2 6, 7 because they have rejoiced over this, they will pervert truths. 2 8-11 Still more when they pervert goods of the church. 2 12-14 Of those who destroy the external of the Word and of doctrine: they will be rejected for a like reason. 3, 15 15-17 Those who by falsities of faith devastate the church will be devastated and perish on the day of judgment. 3, 15


Chapter 26 [Ezekiel] Of the church as to knowledges [cognitiones] of truth, which is meant by "Tyre." 2 1, 2 They imagine that all things of the church consist in knowledges [cognitiones]. 2 3, 4 Thereby come falsities, which destroy the ultimates of doctrine. 2 5, 6 These and also affections for truth are destroyed by knowledges [scientifica]. 2 7-12 Much reasoning from the natural man will destroy all truths, from which comes self-intelligence. 2 13, 14 Thus all affection for spiritual truth will perish, so that nothing of the church will any longer remain. 3 15-18 Their end will be in hell, which will cause the rest of them to be in terror. 3, 15 19-21 When they have been cast into the hells, the knowledges [cognitiones] of truth will be evident to those who will be in heaven and in the church. 15, 11


Chapter 27 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 Further concerning the church in respect to knowledges [cognitiones] of truth, which is "Tyre." 2 3-9 The Ancient Church had knowledges of truth and good of every kind and species, and by means of them it had intelligence. 2 10, 11 Truths that protected that church. 2 12, 13 Acquisitions and communications of all the knowledges. 2 14-20 Knowledge [scientia], intelligence, and wisdom by means of them. 21-23 Divine worship from them. 2 24, 25 Truths and goods of every kind and thus everything of the church acquired by means of them. 2 26-29 Through natural knowledges [scientiae] they have perished. 2 30-34 Lamentation over their destruction, 2 35, 36 and that it is the countenance of hell. 2

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