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Prophets and Psalms, by Emanuel Swedenborg, [1761], tr. by J.E. Schreck [1900], at

Prophets and Psalms


Chapter 51 [Isaiah] 1, 2 The worshipers of God look unto the Lord from whom, and to the church through which [come reformation and regeneration]; 17 3 because the Lord will fill them with intelligence, and will make them happy; 17 4, 5 because from Him is all good and truth, and in Him does every nation trust; 17, 11 6 nothing abides to eternity except that which is from Him. 17 7, 8 Let those who love good look to Him, and make nothing of the oppositions of men, because they will perish, owing to falsities and evils. 17 9-11 To the Lord, because He has Divine power, that He may act, because He has strength to remove the hells, that they may joyfully pass over without harm. 17 12, 13 There is nothing to fear from the evils thence arising, nor from infestation by them. 17 14, 15 The Lord will lead them forth safe, however much hell may resist. 17, 8 16 From His Divine He will set heaven and the church in order, 17, 8, 12 17, 18 constituted of those who have been in falsities of ignorance. 11 19, 20 Heretofore there has been a lack of truth and good, a source of falsities beyond measure. 2 21, 22 These the Lord will take away, 3 23 and they will be given to those who contemptuously reject the good. 3


Chapter 52 [Isaiah] 1 To the new church: let it embrace the doctrine of truth, that falsities may not break in, 11 2 and let it reject falsities, 11 3 by which they have been made captive, and from which they will be freed. 11 4 Because they have been imbued with knowledges [cognitiones] of falsity confirmed by reasonings, 11 5 therefore there is evil and ignorance of God; 11 6, 7 but they will know their God when He comes into the world, 11, 1 8, 9 when He will restore the church, 11, 1 10 and will manifest Himself; 1 11 and then they will forsake the religiosities in which there are such falsities. 11 12, 13 The Lord will lead them out by degrees. 11, 1 14 He will appear in humility. 1 14, 15 Then those who are in goods and truths will see and draw near. 11, 1


Chapter 53 [Isaiah] Of the Lord's appearance in the state of humiliation. 13, 4 1 It is scarcely believed that the omnipotence of God is in the Lord, 13, 4 2, 3 because He will appear as vile, and therefore to be despised; 13, 4 4 and He appeared as if the Divine were not in Him, 13, 4 5 and yet through it is salvation. 17 6-8 He bore all things even to the passion of the cross, 9 9 and subjugated the hells. 8 10, 11 Through the passion of the cross a new church will come into existence; 9, 11 12 and because He bore such things He will go forth a victor. 9, 8


Chapter 54 [Isaiah] 1-3 Those with whom the church had not before existed will have many truths of the church, which will be multiplied. 11 4, 5 The former falsities will not be remembered, because the Lord will be the God of the church. 10, 17 5, 6 They have been for some time as though without God. 11 7, 8 This came to pass when there was no church, although it is to be restored by the Lord. 11 9, 10 at a time when there is no truth, whereas afterwards it will not be lacking. 11 11-13 The doctrinals will be full of spiritual and celestial truths from the Lord. 11, 17 14, 15 Falsities from hell will no longer be feared. 17, 3 16, 17 Those who are against the church because of these falsities will be cast into hell. 17, 3, 15


Chapter 55 [Isaiah] 1 They will receive truths from the Lord gratis. 11, 17 2 They will reject such things as have no spiritual life in them. 11, 17 3, 4 Truth, in which there is life, and by which there is conjunction, will be given by the Lord. 11, 17 5, 6 Those will draw nigh to the Lord who had not known Him before. 11 7 Concerning repentance. 11 8, 9 The way by which is salvation is not known; 17 10, 11 it is effected through the Coming of the Lord. 17 12 Through this alone is heavenly happiness, 17 13 and instead of evil and falsity there is good and truth to eternity. 11, 17


Chapter 56 [Isaiah] 1 The Lord the savior will come. 1, 17 2 Happy is He who esteems holy the union of the Divine and the Human, and of the Lord with the church; 10, 17 3 and let no one believe that He is separated from the Lord. 10, 17 4, 5 Strangers, who esteem that union holy, are to be received into the church in preference to others, 11, 10 6, 7 and those also, who are in falsities from ignorance are to be introduced, and their worship will be accepted. 11 8, 9 The rest are also to be brought near, 11 10, 11 because they have been seduced by those who have evil cupidities, 11, 2 12 and who lust for nothing else than to be insane in falsities. 2


Chapter 57 [Isaiah] 1, 2 Truth and good and life are no longer in them, 2, 3 3 because they have falsified and adulterated them, 3 4 speaking against the Divine. 3 5 They love all falsities whatsoever, and destroy all truths whatsoever, 3 6 and worship those things that come from their own intelligence, 3 7 and extol doctrine derived therefrom even to worshipping it, 3 8 and have published it before all, and have extended it to falsities of every kind, 3 9 and call them heavenly goods and truths, and adore them with all submission. 3 10 They have not retracted, because this was from their own intelligence. 3, 4 11, 12 This they have done because they have not consulted the Lord, who might teach them. 3, 4 13, 14 Falsities will destroy them; it is otherwise with those who so love the Lord that He may teach them truths and remove falsities. 3, 11 15 The Lord does this with those who are humble at heart; 11 16, 17 he is not able to do this for those who are wise from what is their own [proprium], 3 18, [19] but only for those who grieve over it, 11 20, 21 not with those who bring forth from their natural nothing but evils and falsities, from which they are never removed. 3


Chapter 58 [Isaiah] 1 The iniquity of the old church, which is to be disclosed. 2 2 They are as those who love truth, 2 3 and as those who are converted; 11 4 but their conversion originates in evil. 11 5, 6 Conversion does not consist in speaking in a devout manner, but in shunning evils, 11 7 and in exercising charity; 11 8-11 then they will have truths in abundance, and the Lord will be with them; 11 12 thus the church will be with them, and they will restore all things of the church. 11 13, 14 If they regard the union of the Lord with the church as holy, they will come into heaven. 11, 10


Chapter 59 [Isaiah] 1, 2 The Lord hears and is able to do all things, but falsities and evils stand in the way. 2 3, 4 By these, truths have been falsified, and this is the source of evils of life and falsities of doctrine. 2 5 They hatch out such things as captivate and deceive, and afterwards kill. 2 6 Those things with them that are of doctrine and of life are of no avail for anything. 2 7 They are diligent at perverting, whence comes vastation. 2 8 He that follows, destroys the truths of the church in Himself. 2 9, 10 For this reason they are in falsities and see nothing in noonday light. 2 11 Hence there is no salvation, 2 12-15 because there is nothing but evils, and a turning away from truths, thus from the Lord. 2, 4 16, 17 Inasmuch as no one was in truth, and no one was on the Lord's side, He alone fought from Divine truth with His own power, 2, 4, 7 18 seemingly from revenge; 7 19, 20 therefore Divine worship belongs to Him, for from Him is redemption, 17 21 and from His Divine is every truth of the church to eternity. 17


Chapter 60 [Isaiah] 1, 2 The Coming of the Lord with Divine truth, when there is nothing but falsity and evil of falsity. 1, 3 2 The Divine is in the Lord only. 10 3-5 They will draw nigh to Him from all parts in great numbers, even those who are external, 11 6, 7 and they will worship the Lord from good and truth. 11 8 Those who are in the shade of truth will draw near. 11 9, 10 The truths of the church and the church will be in them. 11 11, 12 There will be a continual approach for the sake of salvation. 11 13 The spiritual-moral will draw near, 11 14 even those who had not known the Lord before, 11 15, 16 and these will learn spiritual truths from the Lord. 11 17 Their natural will become spiritual; 11, 17 18 perversion of truth and good will be no more, 11, 17 19 nor the love of evil and falsity, but love to the Lord, 11, 17 20 and this to eternity, 11, 17 21, 22 in heaven with growing intelligence. 11, 17 22 These things will be when the Lord comes. [1, ]11, 17


Chapter 61 [Isaiah] 1-3 The Coming of the Lord, to save those who are ignorant of truth and who desire it, and when the judgment is to be executed, 1, 11, 15 4 then the things of the church which have perished are to be restored: 11 5 externals of the church, 11 6 internals of the church, 11 7 more than ever before. 11 8 Conjunction by means of their truths and goods. 11 9 These to be acknowledged. 11 10, 11 Such things of the church will exist, when the Lord comes. 11, 1


Chapter 62 [Isaiah] The Coming of the Lord and the church at that time, and its quality. 1, 11 1-3 A church will come into existence which will acknowledge the Lord; the very truths of heaven will be in it, and more than before. 1, 11 4, 5 They will not be separated from the Lord, as before, but conjoined with Him. 11, 17 6, 7 This gospel will be preached even until it takes place. 11, 17 8, 9 Then the truths of the Word will not be for those who falsity them, but for those who receive them. 11, 17 10 Preparation is being made, 1 10, 11 and announcement that the Lord will come, 1 12 and that that church will be from Him. 11


Chapter 63 [Isaiah] The Lord and His Combats. 1, 7 1 The Lord as to the Divine truth, or the Word, from which He has Divine power. 1, 7 2 The Word has been wholly adulterated and destroyed. 3 3-6 No one is in truths, and therefore the Lord alone has fought and conquered, that the faithful may obtain salvation. 3, 7, 17 7, 8 This has been done from mercy, that those who wish to receive truth may be saved by Him, 17 9 that He, from Divine love, might lead them. 17 10 Those who were formerly of His church have turned away. 17 11-14 Yet, before that church existed, He led men and protected them in the midst of hell. 17 15, 16 Prayer to the Lord that He may have pity, because He alone has redeemed them. 17, 16 17, 18 Otherwise they would have perished, and hell would have had dominion over them. 17, 7 19 (H.B. 19a) When the Lord comes there will be power. 17, 7


Chapter 64 [Isaiah] 1 (H.B. 63:19b) When the Lord comes there will be power. 17, 7 2, 3 (H.B. 1, 2) The Lord causes the infernals to perish, when He comes with Divine power. 7, 15 4 (H.B. 3) This has not been heard or done before. 17 5 (H.B. 4) Thus He saves the faithful. 17 6, 7 (H.B. 5, 6) All are in sins, and there is safety for no one, unless He come, 17, 1 8 (H.B. 7) and yet all have been created by Him, 17 9 (H.B. 8) Oh! that He might therefore have regard to them, 11 10, 11 (H.B. 9, 10) when all things of the church have been laid waste. 3 12 (H.B. 11) The Lord cannot endure this.


Chapter 65 [Isaiah] 1-5 The Lord had been present with those who are against Him, who are in dire loves of falsity and evil, and who reject Him. 4 6, 7 They will perish in consequence of their contrary worship; 3 8-10 still, not all things of the church will perish, because there must be a church; 11 11, 12 but those who have perverted the Word will perish because of falsities. 3 13, 14 They will become wretched; others, happy. 3, 11 15, 16 They will be conjoined with the Lord. 11 17, 18 The Lord will establish a new church, 11 19-21 in which will be all goods and truths, thus all things of heaven; 11 22, 23 and that church will not perish. 11, 17 24 The Lord will teach. 11, 17 25 Falsities and evils will no longer destroy. 11, 17


Chapter 66 [Isaiah] 1, 2 Heaven and the church are with those who live in humility and in accordance with the commandments. 11, 12 3 It is otherwise with those who have perverted all worship into evil. 3 4 Those things will be requited them because they have not obeyed. 3 5 Those who are outside of the church will obey and will be received in their stead. 11 6 Destruction of the evil. 3 7, 8 Before they perish, the church is established among others, 11, 3 9 and will be established. 11, 3 10, 11 They will drink in Divine truth with joy. 11 12-14 They will have all goods and truths. 11 14, 15 Those who are against them will come to an end; 3 16 and those will perish 3 17 who have perverted the holy things of the church. 3 18 Men will draw near to the Lord from all parts, 11 19 and from every religion. 11 20 They will be in all truth of doctrine of the church, 11 21 and in its good. 11 22 Those things which are of heaven and the church will abide with them. 11, 17 23 They will continually worship the Lord. 11 24 Those who have rejected Him will remain forever in their falsities and evils. 4


Jeremiah Chapter 1 Verses 1-3 The perverted state of the church. 2 4-8 Of the Lord, who is here meant by "Jeremiah"; He will be born, in order that He may teach all men Divine truth. 11 9, 10 From His Divine He will teach the truths and goods of the church, and will destroy falsities and evils. 11, 2 11, 12 Truths of every good have been given them through the Word; 2 13 but they have perverted them; 2 14, 15 which is the source of all kinds of falsities that are contrary to the truths of the church, 2 16 and from this arises a contrary worship. 2 17-19 The Lord will admit them to fight against Him, and they will succumb, because the Divine is the Lord's. 5, 7, 8


Chapter 2 [Jeremiah] 1-3 The church established among the ancients: 11, 2 Its primitive state when it was defended from falsities and evils. 4-6 For no reason they departed from Him who had led and protected them, 2 7, 8 and had taught them all things of the church, which they nevertheless perverted, both its truths and its goods, by departing from the Lord. 2 9 Still He will teach them with difficulty. 2 10, 11 No nation has changed its religion as they have done. 4 12, 13 It is horrible, their rejecting the Lord, and their hatching falsities of doctrine for themselves. 4 14, 15 Consequently the church and its doctrine have been devastated 3 16 by falsities out of the natural man. 3 17 This has taken place because they have rejected the Lord4, 3 18 by means of knowledges [scientifica] and reasonings. 4, 3 19, 20 They draw punishments upon themselves, because they have separated themselves from the Lord, and have worshipped things infernal, 4 21 and even though genuine truths have been given to them, yet they have become such. 3 22, 23 Howsoever they may worship in like ways in externals, yet interiorly they are infernal. 3 24, 25 They desire eagerly to be in falsities and evils, and shun truths and goods. 3 26, 27 Evils and falsities are their worship. 3 28 This is true of all of them. 3 29, 30 They are not willing to return, even when chastised. 3 31, 32 Nevertheless they have not been forsaken by the Lord, but they have forsaken Him. 3 33, 34, [35?] They fight to confirm falsities and evils by falsifications of the Word. 3 36 And they have confirmed them by reasonings from the natural man. 3 37 And yet confirmations are of no avail. 3


Chapter 3 [Jeremiah] The spiritual church, or the truths of the church. 1, 2 They have departed and falsified truths. 2 3 They are unwilling to understand truths. 2 4, 5 They have merely acknowledged the Word outwardly in the letter, and not even with the Word [in mind], but with falsities. 2 6, 7 The church in respect to truths, has falsified truths, and has not been willing to be reformed. 2 7-9 The celestial church, that is, the church in respect to good, has done likewise; as the spiritual church has falsified truths, so the celestial church has adulterated goods. 2 10, 11 They worship falsities of evil, and have perverted goods more than truths. 2 12-14 Exhortation to reject falsity and to receive truth, that there may be conjunction and a church, 2[, 11] 15 and that there may then be knowledge [cognitio]. [11] 16, 17 When the Lord comes there will no longer be the representative of a church, but a church, wherein the Lord Himself will be in place of that representative. 1, 11 18 Then truth and good will make one. 11 19 Those who will draw near shall be adopted as children by the Lord; 11 20[, 21] but the church has become perverted. 3 22-25 Those who will be of the new church will acknowledge and confess that they have falsities and evils. 11


Chapter 4 [Jeremiah] 1, 2 Exhortation to refrain from evils and to acknowledge the Lord, from whom those who are in goods and truths will have salvation. 2 3, 4 Unless they refrain and turn back, they will utterly perish. 2 5, 6 Those who will acknowledge must be removed while the destruction lasts, 2 7 because devastation of all things of the church is at hand, 3 8 which does not come to an end through outward mourning, 3 9, 10 nor through complaints that they are perishing, although it is said in the Word that they shall be saved. 3 11, 12 It is answered that they are not willing to acknowledge and receive. 3 13 Falsities are breaking in. 3 14, 15 Corruption of the church. 3 16 in respect to doctrine, 3 17 in respect to the Word. 3 18-21 Lamentation thereat. 3 22 There is no longer any understanding of truth. 3 22-27 All things of the church have been destroyed, even until nothing remains, 3 28, 29 and the church has become none. 3 30 The things of the church could not have been restored among them in any way. 3 31 Despair of those of whom the new church will consist. 11


Chapter 5 [Jeremiah] 1, 2 There is no truth in doctrine or in the church, and if they believe, it is falsity. 2 3 They were urged by punishments, but still they did not receive. 2 4, 5 This nonreception is due, not to simplicity, but to application and industry; 2 6 therefore all falsities and evils of falsity have broken in upon them. 2 7, 8 They have rejected all mercy, because they have perverted all truths and goods, which they had in all abundance. 2 9, 10 Therefore they cannot but perish, 2 11, 12 for they have acknowledged evils and falsities as goods and truths, because they have departed from the Lord, 2 13 and have annihilated the Word. 2 14-17 Therefore infernal evil will invade them, and will still further destroy all the goods and truths of the church; 2 18 but not quite, as yet. 2 19, 20 This comes upon them because they have forsaken the Lord, 2 21-24 and yet it is in their power to know that the Lord alone can do all things, but they are unwilling to know that He is God from whom are all truths and goods. 2 25-27 This has come to pass because it is delightful to them to pervert and deceive, 2 27, 28 and for this reason they are held in esteem. 2 29 They cannot but perish, 3 30, 31 because all goods and truths from firsts to lasts have been perverted in such wise; also because all of them, from the highest to the lowest, do thus. 3


Chapter 6 [Jeremiah] Those who have conjunction with the Lord in the lowest heaven; these are meant by "the children of Benjamin." 2 1, 2 The church among them is destroyed by falsities of evil. 2 2 3-5 They no longer have truth and good, but falsity and evil, and these destroy them. 2 6, 7 By means of these the church amongst them is destroyed. 2 8, 9 There are still some truths; let them beware lest they destroy them; 2 10 but they hearken not. 3 11 Therefore all things are being destroyed. 3 12 Thus others are being received in their stead. 11 13, 14 Because everything there has been so perverted that there is no protection against falsity, 3 15 which they do not acknowledge to be falsities, 3 16, 17 and they repudiate truths, 3 18, 19 therefore they will come to an end; 3 20 hence they regard the works of their worship as of no value. 3 21 Destruction comes upon them3 22, 23 through falsities, from which they reason against the truths of the church. 3 24-26 Those who are separated and grieve over them. 3 27-30 The perverse are tested, and found incapable of restoration. 3


Chapter 7 [Jeremiah] Those who are in the lowest heaven with whom is the church in respect to good. 3 1, 2 To such: 3 3 let them look to truths and goods; 3 4 let them not believe that the church is with them; 3 5, 6 unless they live according to the commandments, and do no violence to the Word, 3 3 7 goods and truths do not cause them to be a church. 3 8-10 If the life is contrary to the commandments, there is no church worship. 3 11 The church of the Lord is not with those who profane holy things. 3 12-15 By such profanation the destruction of the church is brought about, as elsewhere, so also here. 3 16 Intercession is of no avail, 3 17-19 because it is certain that they profane the truths and goods of heaven. 3 20 Hence is the destruction of all. 33 21-24 They rely on externals of worship, which are of no account, because they have no internals of worship. 3 25, 26 They have obstinately rejected internals, even from the beginning. 2 27-31 Since their reformation is vain, everything of their worship is rejected, because they profane all things of the church. 15 32, 33 They will be cast into hell, where there is nothing but falsity and evil. 15 34 Thus that church will perish. 15


Chapter 8 [Jeremiah] 1, 2 The profaners of truth will be cast into hell and abide in their profanities. 15 3 And all their remains will likewise perish. 15 4-6 They are such that they cannot be converted and led back. 3 7-9 They are not willing to know any truth from the Word, but reject it. 3 10 Therefore the things they have will be given to others. 3 11, 12 They defend their falsities, and call them truths of the church; they do not want it to be otherwise. 3 13 Therefore, because they no longer have truth or good, they will perish. 3 14, 15 They have recourse to the Word, but in vain. 3 16, 17 Then fallacies of the sensual man, and reasonings therefrom, will destroy them and infect them with poison. 3 18-22, 9:1 (H.B. 18-23) Reciprocal grief and lamentation that the time is so long drawn out before a new church consisting of others can be established. 11


Chapter 9 [Jeremiah] 1 (H.B. 8:23) [See above, end of chapter 8.] 11 2, 3 (H.B. 9:1, 2) In the church is nothing but what is falsified and evil therefrom, because they depart from the Lord. 3 4-6 (H.B. 3-5) One falsity comes from another even until there is nothing but falsity in which [they are]. 3 7, 8 (H.B. 6, 7) When they are being taught they feign that they wish it, but they do not. 3 9 (H.B. 8) Must they not perish? 3 10-12 (H.B. 9-11) Grief because of the destruction of all things of the church, even until nothing remains. 3 13-15 (H.B. 12-14) Because they have repudiated the Word, and have obeyed their own lusts, they are in falsities of evil; 3 16 (H.B. 15) and therefore they will be destroyed by evils, and falsities therefrom. 3 17-19 (H.B. 16-18) Lamentation over devastation. 3 20, 21 (H.B. 19, 20) Lamentation that from this there is destruction, 3 22 (H.B. 21) because they have infernal evil and falsity. 3 23, 24 (H.B. 22, 23) Let it be known that everything of truth and good, and hence everything of power and wisdom, is from acknowledgment of the Lord. 15, 11 25, 26 (H.B. 24, 25) The Coming of the Lord to judgment upon all who are in externals without internals. 15


Chapter 10 [Jeremiah] 1, 2 Let not those be feared who wish to prevail by their own intelligence and by means of artifices. 3 3-5 It is described how they make evil to appear like good, and make themselves appear powerful, 3 6, 7 whereas the Lord alone has power. 16 8, 9 To do this they abuse the Word; 3 10 but the Lord alone reigns, 16 11 and those who do not acknowledge Him vanish. 4 12, 13 All truth is from the Lord. 16 14, 15 Self-intelligence amounts to nothing at all; it will perish. 2, 3 11 16 It is otherwise with a church that trusts in the Lord. 17, 18 The preparation of these during the destruction of the former. 11, 3 19-21 Grief because of the backsliding of the church from the Lord, and its vastation. 3, 11, 4 22 Their end. 3 23-25 Prayer to the Lord that they may not perish together with the evil. 11


Chapter 11 [Jeremiah] 1-3 Let them do the commandments and acknowledge the Lord; this is meant by the "covenant." 3 4 It was with them when they were reformed. 3 5, 6 Every good and truth of the church is theirs by means of it. 3 7, 8 This they were often told, but they did not obey, 3 9, 10 but all did the contrary, and acknowledged another god. 3 11-13 Therefore there is no help for them, because they all love falsities and worship other gods. 3 14 Intercession will not avail. 3 15, 16, [17] They have profaned the church and its good and truth. 3 18, 19 This was made manifest by their delivering the Lord up to death. 9 20 Therefore retribution awaits them. 15 21 They do not wish to hear about the Lord. 4 22, 23 They will perish by means of falsities on the day of judgment. 15


Chapter 12 [Jeremiah] 1, 2 The church that expects the Lord asks why the wicked flourish. 11, 1 3 Oh! that He would come, and that the evil might be removed. 11, 1 4 Because there are no longer truths and goods with them, 3 5 they have self-intelligence, 3 6 and they wish to know nothing more. 3 7-12 The church where the Word is turns against the Lord, and has embraced falsities, whence she has been utterly desolated and vastated. 3 13 Goods are turned into evils. 3 14, 15 Therefore they are to be expelled, and others, of whom the church is to be formed, are to be accepted in their place. 3 16, 17 As long as they acknowledge the Lord they will remain. 3


Chapter 13 [Jeremiah] 1-7 That the truth of the church would gradually perish by means of reasonings from the natural man, was represented by the "girdle of linen." 2 8-11 The like has come to pass with the church where the Word is, where they have backslidden from the Lord, and consequently from truths; 2 12, 13 and afterwards there were falsities for truths, 2 14 and consequent destruction. 2 15, 16 Let them beware lest mere falsity take the place of truth. 2 17 Grief on this account. 2 18, 19 It may be seen that all truth of the Word perishes. 2 20 Falsities take the place of truth. 3 21 Hence destruction is at hand. 3 22 The cause of this is, that they are interiorly evil and hence become also outwardly evil. 15, 3 23 It cannot be otherwise; 15, 3 24, 25 therefore destruction visits them, because they have forsaken the Lord, and hence they have falsities; 15, 3 26, 27 and in consequence their interiors, which are evil, will be laid open. 3


Chapter 14 [Jeremiah] 1-3 Truth is wholly lacking in the church. 2 4-6 He that seeks does not find it. 2 7-9 Prayer to the Lord to have pity. 2 10 Answer is made, that they have backslidden; 2 11, 12 therefore no attention is given either to their prayer or to their worship. 2 13 They are flattered into believing that there is no lack and no desolation of truth. 2 14-16 This is from their doctrine of falsity, which will perish, and together with it, those who live according to it. 3 17, 18 Grief that there is no truth either in the church or in doctrine. 3 19 Complaint thereat. 9, 3 20-22 Prayer for them. 9, 3


Chapter 15 [Jeremiah] 1 Answer is made, that no intercession for them can be of any avail. 3 2, 3 They will be cast into hell, where are falsities and evils of every kind. 15 4, 5 They are to be driven out from the church, 3 6 because they have backslidden. 3 7 They have no truth. 3 8 Because there is no truth, there is falsity. 3 9, 10 The church with them has come to an end. 3 11 At the time of the judgment they will be destroyed. 15 12-14 Having been destroyed by falsities from the natural man, they have no truths from the Word; these will be taken away from them. 3 15, 16 The Lord, and His combats from Divine truth. 1, 7 17, 18 His grief over their falsities. 7 19-21 His victory over them. 8


Chapter 16 [Jeremiah] 1-3 There is no conjunction of the Lord with that church, because no truths and goods are there. 3 4 They cannot but be cast into hell. 15 5-7 No compassion can be shown. 15 8 Because no good and truth can be received by them, 3 9 all conjunction with the Lord has perished with them. 3 10, 11 This comes of their having departed from worshipping the Lord; hence their worship is not worship of God; 3 12 therefore everyone wishes to be wise from Himself; 3 13 consequently they must be in hell. 15 14, 15 Others are to be brought to the church by the Lord, 11 16[, 17] both those who are natural and those who are rational. 11 18 Retribution will visit those who have previously profaned the church. 3 19-21 Those of whom the church will consist will acknowledge the Lord. 11


Chapter 17 [Jeremiah] 1, 2 It is in their internals to worship only externals. 3 3 All true knowledges [scientifica] will be taken away; 3 4 but not yet. They will come into hell. 3 5, 6 Because they trust in themselves, they perceive nothing of truth and good. 3 7, 8 On the other hand, those who trust in the Lord always have good and truth. 11 9, 10 The Lord knows what lies hidden interiorly, howsoever the external may appear. 3 11 The truths which they learn are of no use to them. 3 12, 13 Because the Lord is heaven and the church, those who depart from Him are damned. 15 14-18 Prayer to the Lord, and acknowledgment, that the evil may be removed. 3 19, 20 The Lord, to those who are in externals: 3 21-24 that they ought to acknowledge His Divine, which is meant by the "Sabbath," and not violate it; 16 25 then they will possess an understanding of the Word, 16 26 and then their worship will be from truths. 16 27 If they will not acknowledge, the externals will perish from internals. 2


Chapter 18 [Jeremiah] 1-4 It is represented that those who are in falsities and evils can be reformed by the Lord. 11 5-8 Therefore those who are converted after repentance, are accepted by the Lord, although they are in falsities and evils. 11 9, 10 On the other hand, those who are in truths and in good, and do evil, perish. 3 [11], 12, 13 Those who are in the church are told to repent and be converted; but they will not, 3 14-16 because they love falsities of every kind, and thereby annihilate the church with themselves. 3 17 Therefore they will be destroyed. 3 18 They exalt themselves against the Lord and consequently against His Word, despising Him, and falsifying it. 3 19, 20 Lamentation over this. 3 21, 22 They have no truth of the church, and they act craftily. 23 They cannot be forgiven. 3


Chapter 19 [Jeremiah] 1 The church has been instituted; 3 2, 3 but they have destroyed its truths by dire falsities, and therefore the church has perished. 3 4, 5 They have forsaken the Lord, and have loved evils that gush forth from the love of self. 3 6 Therefore the church is no longer there, but hell. 3 7, 8 There they will be among profaners, 3 9 where there is deadly hatred for one another. 3 9-11 It is represented that the church there has been destroyed, so that it cannot be restored. 3 12, 13 Hell is actually there, because there is nothing but the lust of the love of self. 3 14, 15 This was foretold to them through the Word. 3


Chapter 20 [Jeremiah] 1-3 They blaspheme the Word. 3 4 They will come among those who blaspheme and adulterate the Word. 3 5 They will disperse all the truths and goods of the Word, 3 6 and will thus perish with these. 3 7-10 Lamentation over the blasphemies against the Lord, and against the Word; 3 11-13 and the Lord's confidence during combats, that the Word is being protected. 3 14-18 Despair that the Word is so treated. 3


Chapter 21 [Jeremiah] 1, 2 The hell of blasphemers of the Lord and of profaners of the Word was present. 3 3-5 The Lord cannot turn this away, because they ally it to themselves. 3 6 Everything that they have is such; 3 7 and they will all perish. 3, 15 8-10 Those who study the Word are worse off because they study it from something profane that is within. 3, 15 11, 12 There is no good and truth. 3, 15 13 Their heart is stubborn. 3, 15 14 Hence their destruction. 3, 15


Chapter 22 [Jeremiah] 1, 2 To those in the church who possess a knowledge [scientia] of things. 2 3, 4 If they do according to the truths of the Word and the knowledge [scientia] they possess, and do not pervert these, they will have intelligence. 2 5, 6 Otherwise all of their intelligence will perish, 2 7-9 and everything pertaining to their knowledge [scientia], because they have separated themselves from the Lord. 2 10 There is no restitution. 2 11, 12 The church no longer consists of such, 2 13, 14 because they have made a religion for themselves by reasonings from falsities. 2 15, 16 Those who were before them in the church were not of such a character; 2 17 but they perverted the church by falsities of every kind. 3 18, 19 There can be no pity, but they must be cast out as profane. 3 20, 21 They are unwilling to give heed to the Word, 3 22 because they have been imbued with falsities of religion. 3 23, 24 They can have no protection through the Word, howsoever they acknowledge it with their lips. 3, 15 25-27 They will come among those who profane the Word, and by means of it make for themselves a religion that is contrary to the truths of the church, from which religion they cannot recede. 3 28-30 They have not a truth which has not been perverted and profaned. 3


Chapter 23 [Jeremiah] 1, 2 Against those who have perverted the good of the Word, and by means of it have destroyed the church, who are meant by the "shepherds." 3 3, 4 They will perish, and the Lord will establish a church from others, who will teach and learn its good. 11 5, 6 The Lord will do this, and then those who are of His church will be saved. 11 7[, 8] Then they will acknowledge that the Lord is Jehovah, and that the church is His. 16, 11 9 Against those who pervert the truths of the Word, who are meant by the "prophets." 3 10 From their perversions the church is full of falsities and is perverted, 3 11 and there is no longer truth or good, excepting such as is external. 3 12 Because they do not see truths, they perish on the day of judgment. 15, 3 13 Truths are perverted by false principles, which are of religion. 3 14 But the Word is perverted, this is the worst. 3 15 They will possess nothing but falsity, 3 16, 17 which they also confirm from the Word, 3 18 saying that it is Divine. 3 19, 20 They will perish on the day of judgment. 15 21, 22 They learn from themselves, and not from the Lord; if they learned from the Lord, they would depart from evils; 3 23, 24 thus the Lord would be with them. 3 25, 26 They pervert by means of false interpretation. 3 27 Hence they have no understanding of truth, 3 28, 29 because they have none from the Lord, who also is the Word, in which truth from Him makes itself manifest. 3 30, 31 Those who call themselves enlightened pervert truth still more, 3 32 whereas they are not enlightened. 3 33 The Divine truth shows that they have gone back. 3 34 He who says otherwise will suffer. 3 35, 36 Moreover they will not know what Divine truth is; 3 37-40 and because they call that which is false, Divine truth, the truth of the church will be removed from them; hence their destruction. 3


Chapter 24 [Jeremiah] 1-3 After the whole church had adulterated and profaned the Word, it was represented that part of them were of such a character that they could be reformed, but part could not; these are meant by the "two baskets of figs, in one of which were good ones, and in the other bad ones." 2, 11 4-7 Those who could be reformed, were those who had been completely vastated, so that they did not know what is true and what is good; these can at last be taught, can acknowledge the Lord, can be received, and can become a church. 2, 11 8, 9 But those who could not be reformed, were those who desired still to be in worship from the Word, which worship they would then continually profane. 3 9, 10 With these, everything holy would be profaned, and they would perish. 3


Chapter 25 [Jeremiah] 1-3 The Lord to those with whom the church has been instituted. 11, 2 4-7 He taught them continually by the Word, that they should refrain from evils, and not go away to any other worship than that of the Lord; but they did not obey. 2 8-11 Therefore everything of the church among them will perish, and they will be in temptations from those who profane things holy. 2 12 Retribution will afterwards visit the tempters. 2, 11 13, 14 It will so come to pass. 2, 11 15-27 Knowledges [cognitiones] of truth and good, and also truths of every kind and sort will perish. 3 28-30 This cannot otherwise than come to pass, even with those who are in knowledges [cognitiones] from the Word. 3 31-33 There is no longer any truth that has not been profaned. 3 34-38 Lamentation by those who are in good, and in truths therefrom. 11


Chapter 26 [Jeremiah] 1-5 Exhortation by the Lord to repent, and live according to His commandments in the Word. 2 6 Otherwise the church with them will be destroyed. 2 7-9 Evil and falsity of religion condemned Him to death, 9 10-16 but because He spoke from the Divine, the truths of the church acquitted Him. 9 17-19 An instance of their not condemning to death one who spoke from inspiration, 9 20-23 excepting one who spoke falsely. 9 24 The Lord was not condemned on account of the people. 9, 3


Chapter 27 [Jeremiah] 1-8 Since there is an end to the church, and to all things of it, they ought no longer to be there, lest they should profane it; therefore they were carried off to "Babylon," where they could not profane its holy things, and those who would not go, were profaners, and will perish. 3 9-11 Those who teach anything else, teach falsities. 3 12, 13 All with whom the church has been instituted will depart, or otherwise they would profane it, and will perish. 3 14, 15 Let them not believe anything else. 3 16-21 Nothing of things holy, not even of its externals, will remain, because it has been profaned. 3 22 The church will be constituted of others, after it has been delivered from the profane. 11 This was because the land of Canaan and all things therein represented the church, and as these are mentioned by name in the Word, those who profaned holy things could not be tolerated there. 3


Chapter 28 [Jeremiah] 1-17 They understood the Word in a contrary sense, and from this they persuaded themselves that the profanities of their religion were the holy things of the church, and consequently they were not to be carried away from the land; but they were told that they had persuaded themselves of falsities. 2


Chapter 29 [Jeremiah] 1-7 Those in spiritual captivity are told that they should study truths and do goods, and continue in them, 11 8, 9 and not become imbued with falsities, 11 10-15 since when their spiritual captivity ceases, a new church will be instituted of those who are of such a character, and who acknowledge the Lord. 11 16-19 Those who were formerly of the church will profane the holy things of the church, and will therefore perish. 3 20-23 Those who have falsely interpreted the Word are condemned. 3 24-32 Those who persuasively established falsities, will abide in falsities, and will not perceive truth. 3


Chapter 30 [Jeremiah] 1-3 Establishment of the church with those who have been in spiritual captivity, or in ignorance of truth. 11 4-7 Then the last judgment will be executed with those who are of the church. 15 8, 9 Then they are to be brought to the church, and will worship the Lord. 11 10, 11 Then their spiritual captivity will cease. 11 12-15 They have been infested by evils and falsities, and there is no remedy, 11, 3 16 but those who have destroyed, will be destroyed. 3 17, 18 There will be a remedy from the Lord, who will restore the church. 11 19, 20 They will be perfected in truths, and it will last. 11 21, 22 This will be done by the Lord, when He will come, and He will be their God. 11, 1 23, 24 He will execute judgment upon the wicked. 15


Chapter 31 [Jeremiah] Of the new church that will be established by the Lord. This is meant by "Israel" and "Zion." 1, 11 1 The Lord will be their God. 1, 11 2-5 The loved one will receive the goods of the church. 11 6-8 They are to be brought near. 11 9 They will come, and will understand truths. 11 10, 11 The redeemed will be guarded against falsities, 11, 17 12-14 and will receive things spiritual and celestial. 11, 17 15 They are as dead, 11 16, 17 but they will finally return. 11 18-21 They will come out of ignorance of truth into the truths of heaven. 11 22 They will understand them. 11 23-28 They will be imbued with wisdom. 11 29, 30 They will have no falsity of evil. 11 31-34 They will be conjoined with the Lord, and from that conjunction truths will be inscribed on their life. 11 35-37 This will be established to eternity. 11 38-40 They will have abundant and extended doctrine of life. 11


Chapter 32 [Jeremiah] 1-5 Indignation that the Jewish church will be destroyed,3 6-15 yet the Lord's church will be preserved. 11 16-22, 25 Prayer that it may be preserved, 11 23-25 but the former church will be destroyed,3 26-33 and it will be reproved because of its evils, which have also been with them from the beginning, although they had the Word and doctrine from it. 3 34, 35 They have profaned holy things. 3 36-40 When this has been done, a new church is to be instituted, which will be conjoined with the Lord, and will not be separated from Him. 11 41, 42 They will have every good. 11 43, 44 They will then have everything of the church. 11


Chapter 33 [Jeremiah] 1-5 A new church. It will be established when the former church has been destroyed. 11 6-9 After its destruction those are to be brought near who are to be led out of falsities, 11 10, 11 who will worship the Lord from an affection for truth and good, 11 12, 13 and who will be in truths of every kind after the former church has ceased to be. 11 14-16 This will take place when the Lord comes, who will institute it. 1, 11 17, 18 Then truth and good will not be wanting. 11 19-21 The spiritual and that natural will be in agreement. 11 22 Then there will be truths in all abundance. 11 23-26 Unless spiritual and natural truth and good become concordant, there can be no church. 11


Chapter 34 [Jeremiah] 1-7 The Jewish church will be destroyed, although its truth will be preserved. 3, 11 8-11 Those who are of the church will be free, [11] 12-16 but they have of themselves become slaves. 3 17-19 They will be slaves to falsities, because they have departed from conjunction with the Lord; 3 20 and because of profanation of truth. 3 21, 22 Therefore they will die the death of profaners. 3

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