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Prophets and Psalms, by Emanuel Swedenborg, [1761], tr. by J.E. Schreck [1900], at

Prophets and Psalms


Chapter 28 [Ezekiel] 1-5 Since they believe that they are learned from mere knowledges [cognitiones] and say in their heart that they are most intelligent from themselves, 2 6-10 therefore they will falsify all knowledges [cognitiones] of truth, and will perish thereby. 2, 3 11 Respecting learning from the Word. 2 12 From the Word they have all truths and goods of heaven and of the church; 2 12-18 in consequence of which they were in intelligence at first, but afterwards this was dissipated by means of their pride. 2 19, 20 Natural love consumed all things of the church, resulting in their destruction. 3 21-23 Of the understanding of truth, which is meant by "Zidon": it will perish by means of falsities. 2 24 Their destruction, lest the church should be still further destroyed. 3 25, 26 A new church will come into existence, when the former has been condemned. 11


Chapter 29 [Ezekiel] 1-3 Of the natural man who, in things Divine, trusts nothing but His knowledges [scientifica]. 2 4, 5 Such will pervert the truths of the church by applying their knowledges to falsities. 2 6, 7 Because truths have been perverted in this manner, all power, which is of truth, has been destroyed in their case, 3 8-12 and all truth will be utterly devastated, until they will no longer have truth. 3 13-16 Nevertheless something of a church will be established out of those who are natural and in knowledges [scientifica]. 11 17-18 Reasonings from knowledges [scientifica] of the natural man will not destroy knowledges [cognitiones] of truth with them; 11 19, 20 but these will be destroyed by reasonings from the natural man with those who trust knowledges [scientifica] alone, and have perverted the truths of the church. 2 21 Those who are of the church that the Lord will establish will have truths of doctrine. 11


Chapter 30 [Ezekiel] 1-5 The Coming of the Lord when all things of the church have been destroyed by knowledges [scientifica] of the natural man. 1, 3 6-9 Then all who trust in these knowledges will perish through evil loves. 3 10-12 By such the truths of the church will be destroyed through reasonings from the natural man, derived from falsities, even until there is nothing left but falsities. 3 13-19 All things which are of the knowledge [scientia] of the natural man, of every sort, will become hell. 3, 15 20-23 They will have no truth, thus no power. 3 24-26 This will take place through reasonings from the natural man. 3


Chapter 31 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 Of the natural man who is in knowledges [scientifica]. 11 3-9 In the Ancient Church a rational flourished that was derived from knowledges [scientifica] of every kind, through their confirming, by means of these, the Divine things of the church; and from this source they had spiritual intelligence. 11 10-13 The pride of self-intelligence, from which comes a trust in learning, has wholly cast them down from intelligence, and has deprived them of all the truths of the church. 3 14 They are cast into hell, that they may no longer destroy. 3, 15 15-18 There they are shut up, lest, while continuing in their falsifications, they should spread their falsities abroad. 3, 15


Chapter 32 [Ezekiel] Lament over those who by knowledges [scientiae] have perverted the holy things of the church. 3 1, 2 They pervert all truths of the church. 3 3-8 They fall into all falsities of evil, until they no longer see what is good and true. 3 9, 10 Those who are outside the church are horrified at their falsities. 3 11, 12 They destroy all things of the church by reasonings from the natural man. 3 13-16 They shall be cast into hell, that they may no longer pervert truths in those who are in an affection for truth. 15 15 17-23 In hell they will be associated with those who have profaned the holy things of the Word; 15 24, 25 also with those who have falsified truths of doctrine; 15 26-30 with those who have falsified the sense of the letter of the Word. 31, 32 All of these will be with those who by knowledges [scientiae] have perverted the holy things of the church, and thus they will be separated from those who are of the church, lest they persecute them. 15


Chapter 33 [Ezekiel] Of those who instruct and are instructed. 2 1-5 Those who are instructed by the preacher concerning falsities and do not take heed, perish; 2 6, 7 when the preacher sees falsities and does not give instruction concerning them, he perishes. 2 8, 9 The same is true of everyone who teaches doctrine, when he teaches and is not heard, or when he does not teach. 2 10, 11 So now in the church, they must be taught in order that they may be converted, because the Lord wishes the salvation of all. 2 12-16 If the evil man becomes good, His evil is forgiven; if the good man becomes evil, His good is not regarded. 2 17-20 These things are Divine justice. 2 21-26 A perverted church declares that it is the church because it has the Word; nevertheless it falsifies the Word, worships another god and does evil, 2 27-29 and will perish by reason of falsities of evil, 3 30-33 notwithstanding its hearing the Word, and being in external worship. 3


Chapter 34 [Ezekiel] 1-4 Respecting teachers who regard their own good only, and not the good of the church. 2 5, 6 In consequence those who are of the church come into an evil life. 2 7-10 Being such, everything of the church is taken from them. 3 11-16 When the Lord comes into the world He will gather the church together, and will teach it Divine truths. 11 16, 17 The evil among them He will separate. 3, 11 18-20 Evil shepherds destroy everything of the church, 3 21 and destroy the simple. [3] 22-25 When the Lord comes He will teach and save these. 1, 11 26-31 He will both teach them and protect them from falsities, and they will acknowledge Him. 11


Chapter 35 [Ezekiel] Respecting falsities of faith. 3 1-5 All truth of faith among them perishes through falsities. 3 6-9 Falsification of the Word from this, until there is nothing but falsity. 3 10 They claim that the church is with them. 3 11-13 They speak against the church and against the Lord. 3 14, 15 When the church comes into existence, they will be devastated in respect to everything of the Word. 3


Chapter 36 [Ezekiel] The perverted church in general. 3 1, 2 It has been destroyed by evils and falsities. 3 3-7 Because it has been destroyed even to its ultimates, those that have been destroyed will perish. 3 8-12 A new church will be established by the Lord, which will be in truths and goods. 11 13-15 The evils and falsities of the perverted church will no longer do any harm. 11 16-19 That perverted church will perish utterly. 2 20-23 Yet it will still be tolerated because of the Word, and because the Lord is known by means of the Word. 2 24-30 A new church will then be established, which, being freed from falsities and evils, will be in truths and goods, and will acknowledge the Lord. 11 31, 32 It will reject evils. 11 33-36 Its intelligence will gradually grow by means of Divine truths. 11 37, 38 The Lord will be acknowledged in it, and there will be the worship of Him. 11


Chapter 37 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 It is represented that the church was destitute of all life from good and truth. 3 3-6 It is foretold that a new church will come into existence, in which will be life. 11 7, 8 This also came to pass when that church was first instructed in truths, and was thus made fit for receiving, 11 9, 10, and it then received life. 11 11-14 Thus the Lord did when He came into the world, and a new church was established by Him. 1, 11 15-20 There were two churches, the celestial and the spiritual, and the two together were one. 11 21-25 This will be under the Lord, and the two will become one church from the Lord, and will be protected from infernal evils and falsities. 11 26-28 The church will be different because the conjunction will be different. 11


Chapter 38 [Ezekiel] 1, 2 Those who are in the mere sense of the letter of the Word, and in a worship therefrom which is external without an internal, are meant by "Gog." 2 3-7 Everything and all things of that worship will perish. 2 8-16 That worship will possess the church, and will vastate it, and it will thus be in externals without internals. 2 17-19 The state of the church will therefore be changed. 2 20-23 And the truths and goods of religion will perish in consequence, and falsities will succeed in their place. 2


Chapter 39 [Ezekiel] 1-6 Those who are in the mere sense of the letter and in external worship, will come into the church, but will perish. These are meant by "Gog." 2 7, 8 This will take place when the Lord comes and establishes the church. 3, 1, 11 9, 10, This church will then disperse all the evils and falsities of such, 3 11-16 and will wholly destroy them. 3 17-21[, 22] The new church that will be established by the Lord will be imbued with goods of all kinds, 11 23, 24 and the former church will be destroyed because of evils and falsities. 3 25-29 The Lord will then gather together a church from all nations. 11


Chapter 40 [Ezekiel] 1 Respecting a new church from the Lord, after the Jewish church has been destroyed. 12 2-5 What its quality will be. 12 6-23 All things of doctrine in respect to celestial good and truth; 12 24-34 all things of it in respect to spiritual good and truth; 12 35-49 all things of it in respect to external good and truth. 12


Chapter 41 [Ezekiel] 1-26 All things of worship of the internal church in respect to good and truth. 12


Chapter 42 [Ezekiel] 1-20 All things of worship of that external church in respect to good and truth. 12


Chapter 43 [Ezekiel] 1-11 The Word in that church, in respect to the sense of its letter. 12 12-27 Worship of the Lord from good of love in that church. 12


Chapter 44 [Ezekiel] 1-3 Every good of the church and of worship is from the Lord. 12 4-8 The Jewish nation destroyed the church. 12 9-14 That nation will [not] be in that church, 12 15-31 but others, of whom the new church will consist, which will acknowledge the Lord; concerning which, and its life, doctrine, worship, and ministry. 12


Chapter 45 [Ezekiel] 1-5 Concerning that church: its outmosts will be holy. 12 6-8 The holy of doctrine. 12 9-25 Its statutes. 12


Chapter 46 [Ezekiel] 1-3 Influx of the Lord from Divine love. 12 4-24 Worship of the Lord there. 12


Chapter 47 [Ezekiel] 1-12 Influx of Divine good and Divine truth from the Lord; from this influx the angels of the three heavens, and men, have spiritual life, and from the Divine good and Divine truth they have intelligence and charity. 12 13-23 Inheritances or partitions of the church and heaven according to goods and truths in the whole complex, which is "according to the tribes of Israel." 12


Chapter 48 [Ezekiel] 1-8 That partition continued, 12 9-20 for those who are in the third heaven, who are the "priests and Levites." 12 21, 22 The Lord is in the midst of them. 12 23-29 The further partition or inheritance continued. 12 30-34 The knowledges [cognitiones] of that church, which are introductory truths. 12 35 This church is the Lord's church. 12


Daniel Chapter 1 1, 2 When the church among the Jewish nation had been destroyed, "Babylon" appropriated to herself all things pertaining to it. 2 2 3-21 She wished to know all things of the church, and to acquire an understanding of them, and this was the beginning of "Babylon." 2


Chapter 2 [Daniel] 1, 2 The future character of "Babylon" foretold. 2 3-11 This was not known to those who made common cause with "Babylon." 2 12, 13 They were blinded, 2 14-30 but it was disclosed by revelation from the Lord to those who were of the church. 2 31-35 The progress of the Babylonish religion follows: first the rulers would learn and teach the goods and truths of heaven and the church; and afterwards they would backslide, until nothing remained except what was adulterated, thus what was merely false and evil, and then the Lord would come. 2 36-38 First the Word will be taught there according to truths of doctrine drawn from it. 2 39 Afterwards the church will prevail, not from spiritual good, but from natural good. 2 40-43 Finally all good and truth will be changed by adulterations into evil and falsity, prevailing only through civil diabolic power. 3 44, 45 Then the Lord will come, and destroy that religion, and will institute a church that will be in Divine truth from Him. 1, 3, 11 46-49 This was the beginning of "Babylon," when it worshipped the God of heaven, and magnified doctrine from the Word. 2


Chapter 3 [Daniel] 1, 2 "Babylon" was minded to depart from the worship of the Lord to the worship of another god, which is the "statue of gold set up by Nebuchadnezzar." 2 2, 15 3-7 All such agreed together, threatening all that they would otherwise be cast into hell. 2,15 8-12 Those rulers who worshipped the Lord did not obey; 11 13-21 they were therefore excommunicated and condemned to hell by "Babylon," together with all things of the Lord's church; 3, 11 22-25 but still no harm came to them, and it was clearly seen that they were protected by the Lord. 11 26-30, 4:1-3 (H.B. 26-33) "Babylon" was compelled by this to acknowledge and worship the Lord. 11


Chapter 4 [Daniel] 1-3 (H.B. 3:31-33) [See above, end of chapter 3.] 11 It is foretold what "Babylon" will be, and whither their mind was moved. 2 4-7 (H.B. 1-4) This was not known to those who were "Babylon." 2 8, 9 (H.B. 5, 6) It was known to those who were of the Lord's church. 2 10-12 (H.B. 7-9) They purposed to have dominion over heaven and the church when that religion should extend over much territory. 2 13, 14 (H.B. 10, 11) Then they would no longer have any goods and truths of heaven and the church. 2 15-17 (H.B. 12-14) Nevertheless the Word would remain with them, although perverted. 2 18, 19 (H.B. 15, 16) Then those who were of the Lord's church perceived what those of the Babylonish religion were interiorly, and how far they wished to extend their dominion. 11 20-33 (H.B. 17-30) They were so stupid in respect to the truths and goods of the church, as to be no longer men, and this fact was confirmed from heaven, where they were seen to be such. 2 34-37 (H.B. 31-34) They feared as yet to extend their dominion over heaven and the church, but acknowledged the Lord before those who were under obedience to them. 2


Chapter 5 [Daniel] 1-4 "Babylon" profaned all things of heaven and of the church. 3 5, 6 It was perceived from the Word, that it was profane, 3 7-9 but it was not perceived by the primates who were in that religion. 3 10-24 It was confirmed by those who were in the truths of the church, that it was contrary to the Word for them to have exalted themselves above the Lord, and that thus they profaned things holy. 3 25-28 That religion was at an end because there was no longer good and truth of the church. 3 29, 30 Thus everything of the church there, came to an end. 3 31, 6:1-3 (H.B. 6:1-4) Worship of the Lord was thought about, as in the church. 2


Chapter 6 [Daniel] 1-3 (H.B. 2-4 [See above, end of chapter v].) 2 4-9 (H.B. 5-10) They deliberated about this, and concluded that they should be worshipped in place of the Lord; 2 10-17 (H.B. 11-18) which decree being gainsaid by those who were of the Lord's church, it was ordained that they should undergo the punishment of the inquisition, which is "the lion's den into which Daniel was cast";2 18-23 (H.B. 19-24) but still they were guarded by the Lord, that they might not undergo that punishment; 11 24 (H.B. 25) but on the contrary, those who invented that crime were cast into hell, 15 25-28 (H.B. 26-29) and those who were in worship of the Lord were saved. 11


Chapter 7 [Daniel] 1-3 Revelation concerning the successive changes of state of the church: 2 4 The first, while they were in the understanding of truth; 2 5 The second, when they studied only the sense of the letter of the Word; 2 6 The third, when the sense of the letter of the Word was falsified, and falsity was made to appear as truth; 2 7 The fourth, when there was faith alone, which destroyed all things of the church, 3 8 and which was confirmed by the sense of the letter of the Word; 3 9, 10 they were judged from the Word, 3 11 and that faith was wholly destroyed, 3 12 and [those who were in] the former [states] were judged according to their life, 3 13, 14 and the church became the Lord's. 11 15, 16 Further explanation of those things: 2 17, 18 four successive states of the church are meant; 2 19-21 the last state is faith alone confirmed by reasonings and by the Word falsified, by virtue of which they would prevail; 2 22 and this until the Lord shall institute the church 11 23, 24 which has been destroyed by faith alone, [3] 25 and which despises the Lord Himself. 3 26, 27 Finally those who are in faith alone will be judged, 15 and a new church will be established by the Lord. 11 28 Thus comes the end.


Chapter 8 [Daniel] Prediction concerning the church in respect to charity and in respect to faith. 11 1-3 The church which is in faith and in charity, and its power. 11 4 It will increase in truths and goods. 11 5 Faith alone will wholly destroy charity. 2 6-10 It will prevail through reasonings, by which it will dissipate the truths of doctrine that are derived from the Word. 2 11, 12 It will destroy the worship of the Lord, together with Divine truths. 2 13, 14 This will go on until the Coming of the Lord. 1 15-19 It is further explained, that this will be when the Lord comes. 2, 1 20-25 Faith alone will destroy the church, and despise the Lord. 3, 4 26 This is the end of the church. 3 27 It is a sad time. 3


Chapter 9 [Daniel] The Coming of the Lord, and the end of each church, the old and the new. 1, 3 1-3 Revelation respecting the end of the church. 1, 3 4-19 Confession respecting the Jewish church destroyed. 3 20-23 Revelation. [1] 24 After the church has been consummated, the judgment will come, and the Word will cease, 15 and so the Lord will glorify His Human. 10 25 Afterwards a new church will be established, but not easily. 11 26 Afterwards falsity will invade that church and will destroy it. 3 27 Still there will be a reformation, but this church will also perish from mere falsities and evils (Matt. 24:15) 11, 3


Chapter 10 [Daniel] 1-6 Manifestation of the Lord, 1 7-21 to reveal those things that will be in the new church respecting such as are in faith alone, and respecting such as are in truths from good, who are meant here by "Michael." 11


Chapter 11 [Daniel] The "king of the south" here means the church which is in truths of faith from good of charity, and the "king of the north" means the religion that is in faith separate from charity; how the changes followed each other did not appear in the world, but in heaven. 11, 2 1-4 The church among the Jewish nation will be destroyed. 3 5 Then a new church will be established, which will be in faith from charity. 11 6 Charity will be conjoined to faith, but faith will prevail; 11, 3 7-9 and yet with some charity will prevail, and will therefore be the first thing of the church. 11 10-12 Their posterity will fight for faith and will conquer. 3 13-16 Faith will gain strength against charity and consequent faith, and will overcome the latter. 3 17 The dogma followed that charity is from faith. 3 18-20 Contention about various sayings respecting this subject from the Word. 2 21-23 They simulated the dogma of charity, from which they had a quasi consociation. 2, 11 24-26 Confirmations from the Word in favor of charity were explained perversely, and they destroyed faith originating in charity. 2 27, 28 Painful conjunction. 2 29-31 Faith broke up the painful conjunction, adulterated the Word itself, and thus destroyed the church. 2 32-35 It was objected to by many, nevertheless they were overcome. 2 36, 37 Finally faith alone obtained-a religion which destroys all fear of God and the whole church. 2 38, 39 It worships another god than the Lord. 2 40, 41 Thus faith originating in charity was subjugated. 2 41 Nevertheless those who believe the Word in simplicity will remain. 11 42, 43 Faith alone will also destroy by reasonings from the natural man. 2 44, 45 When the end comes, those who are natural-sensual will be persistent. 2


Chapter 12 [Daniel] 1 Near the end, a new church will begin, in which the Lord will be worshipped, and the faith of charity will be received. 11, 1 2, 3 Then those who are in that faith will come into heaven, but not the rest. 11 4 They will become intelligent. 11 5-7 All this will come to pass at the consummation. 3 8, 9 This revelation is from the Lord. 11 10 The evil will not understand, but the good. 11 11-13 The beginning of that church. 11


Hosea Chapter 1 Verses 1-3 The prophet represented the falsification of the Word with the Jewish nation. 3 3-5 That profane church will be destroyed when the Lord comes. 3, 1 6 No pity is possible; 3,1 7 but the Lord will pity those who will be of His new church. 1, 11 7-9 When nothing of the church will any longer remain, 3 10, 11 then the new church will grow, and will acknowledge the Lord. 11


Chapter 2 [Hosea] 1-4 Exhortation to abstain from the falsifications of the Word, otherwise there will be no church, but it will be without goods and truths, as before. 11, 2 5-7 They will become as before when they loved evil and falsity, but they will be withheld. 11, 2 8 They will return to God whom they worshipped at that time, and from whom they received good, not knowing that this was from the Lord; 11, 2 9-13 but because they still did not worship Him, but another god, goods and truths will be vastated. 11, 2 14-17 Those who will be of the new church, are to be purified by temptations, and prepared, 11 18-20 and a new church constituted of such will come into existence, which will acknowledge the Lord. 11 21-23 Then they will receive all things of heaven and the church. 11


Chapter 3 [Hosea] A new church to be established by the Lord. 11 1-5 They will live for a long time without the truths and goods of the church, but they will become a church from the Lord, when He comes, and will acknowledge Him. 11


Chapter 4 [Hosea] 1-3 There is in the church nothing but evil and falsity from the falsified Word; 3 4-9 and because nothing of the law and doctrine remains, the church has been destroyed. 3 10-12 Because they have falsified the Word they are no longer able to understand truth, but will behold falsity. 3 13 For this reason their worship will be from falsities. 3 14 Will they not perish on this account? 3 15-19 Likewise those in the spiritual church: these will go away into falsities. 3


Chapter 5 [Hosea] 1-3 Those who represented the celestial things of the church and those who represented its spiritual and intellectual things, falsified and adulterated the truths of the Word. 3 4 They cannot turn back, 3 5-9 but all will perish. 3 10-14 They no longer have any understanding of truth, but in place of truth they understand falsity. 3 15 Nevertheless there will be a new thing of the church. 11


Chapter 6 [Hosea] 1-3 A new church will be established, which will acknowledge the Lord; 11 4-6 it will understand truth, 11 7-10 as there are perversities in the former church, 3 11 when the new church will be established. 11


Chapter 7 [Hosea] 1-5 They have perverted all the truths of the Word and of doctrine. 3 6-10 They have perverted them by evil loves, 3 11 and by the knowledges [scientifica] of the natural man. 3 12-16 Therefore they cannot be led back, because they are in falsities. 3


Chapter 8 [Hosea] 1-7 They have perverted the church; they have turned its goods and truths into evils and falsities. 3 8-11 By reasonings from the natural man they have put off everything of the church, 3 12-14 and also everything of the worship of the church; therefore they cannot but perish. 3


Chapter 9 [Hosea] 1-3 They have falsified the truths of the church, therefore the church has been destroyed, and they will be natural, abiding only in reasonings from the natural man. 3 4, 5 Consequently there is no Divine worship. 3 6 All truth and good is turned into falsity and evil. 3 7-9 They will perish on the day of judgment. 3 10, 13 The first of them were also such, they had no understanding of truth; so also their posterity, although instructed. 3 14-17 The posterity of these cannot but become such. 3


Chapter 10 [Hosea] 1-3 The church that was devastated in respect to truths, has a worship similar to this one, and they say that they have truth. 3 4, 5 At heart they worship another god. 3 6 They will reason against truths. 3 7, 8 They will be cast into hell, where there is such [evil]. 3, 15 9, 10, The evils of punishment come upon them, but in vain. 2 11, 12 They have been taught truths and goods, and admonished, 2 13-15 and yet they persisted in falsities of evil. Their destruction, in consequence, on the day of judgment. 2


Chapter 11 [Hosea] 1 That "Israel," the Lord, was "brought down into Egypt," means that they were instructed in the first principles of the church. 1 2 They were there in natural desire and knowledge [scientia]. 11 3, 4 They were instructed in cognitions and knowledges [scientiae]. 11 5-8 When they have become spiritual, they will no longer be natural, since they will thus destroy truths and the understanding of them; 11 9-11 but from their having been in knowledges [scientiae] they will have intelligence from the Lord. 11 12 (H.B. 12:1) The understanding of the Word was falsified, although the Word is the Lord's. 2


Chapter 12 [Hosea] 1 (H.B. 2) Falsities grow by reasonings originating in the delights of the natural man. 2 2-5 (H.B. 3-6) The Lord strove with the posterity of Jacob from their infancy. 2 6, 7 (H.B. 7, 8) Exhortation to be converted and not falsify truths. 2 8-14 (H.B. 9-15) The church gloried in its possession of the Word, and on account of their representative worship, and they were continually guarded by the Lord; and yet they falsified and adulterated the Word and the worship. 2


Chapter 13 [Hosea] 1-3 From their self-intelligence they have perverted all Divine worship, and hence will perish, 2 4 yet the Lord alone is God. 16 5, 6 When they became rich in knowledges [cognitiones] from the Word, they forsook the Lord by reason of their self-glorification. 2 7-9 Hence their destruction, 3 10, 11 because there is no longer any truth of the church. 3 12, 13 The truth of the church has been interiorly destroyed. 3 14, 15 They are to be kept from destruction, until all truth of the church has been destroyed. 2 16 (H.B. 14:1) Those who have worshipped another god will perish. 4


Chapter 14 [Hosea] 1-3 (H.B. 2-4) Exhortation to be converted. 11 3 (H.B. 4) because salvation comes from no other source. 17 4-7 (H.B. 5-8) Thus they will be received into the church and instructed in its truths and goods. 11 8 (H.B. 9) Falsities will be rejected, 11 9 (H.B. 10) and in consequence there will be understanding from rational light. 11


Joel Chapter 1 [Joel] 1-3 To all who are of the church. 2 4 Falsity from the sensual man and afterwards evil therefrom has consumed all things of the church. 2 5-7 Let them repent, for evil from the sensual man has destroyed the different things of the church. 2 8-13 Mourning over the destruction of the goods and truths of the church. 2 14 Exhortation to be converted, 2 15 and to reflect that thus will be the last time, when the Lord will come, 1 16, 17 and that everything of the church has been devastated; 3 18-20 for which reason there is lamentation. 3


Chapter 2 [Joel] 1, 2 The Lord will come and will execute judgment 1, 15 2, 3 when falsity and evil from the sensual has destroyed the whole church. 3 4-9 Falsity of evil will destroy all things of it by various insanities. 3 10 All good and truth has been dispersed, together with the knowledges [cognitiones] of them. 3 11 The Lord will fight with them. 7 12-17 Exhortation to be converted to Him, to repent, and to be wise. 2 18, 19 The Lord will establish the church, to which He will give its goods and truths, 1111 20 and will remove falsities of evil, and thus hell. 11 21-25 They will have trust in the Lord, from which they will have goods and felicities, 11 26, 27 and acknowledgment from the heart. 11 28, 29 (H.B. 3:1, 2) By His Divine the Lord will fill those who are of that church with all things and will vivify them. 11 30, 31 (H.B. 3:3, 4) Falsities of evil and evils of falsity will dissipate influx on the day of judgment, 3, 15 32 (H.B. 3:5) but those who acknowledge and worship the Lord will be saved. 17


Chapter 3 (H.B. 4) [Joel] 1 Then the church will be gathered together, 11 2, 3 and then judgment will be executed upon those who have scattered the goods and truths of the church; 15 4-8 upon those who are in knowledges [cognitiones] alone and in faith alone, and have thereby destroyed the truths of the Word and of doctrine. 15 9-12 Combat of good and truth against evils and falsities at that time. 15 13-15 Then evil is consummated. 3 16, 17 This is from the Lord, whom they will then also acknowledge, and from whom is the church. 11 18, 19 The Lord will then teach them the Word, and falsifications of the Word will be removed. 11 20, 21 Then the church will be the Lord's, and from the Word. 11

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