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Prophets and Psalms, by Emanuel Swedenborg, [1761], tr. by J.E. Schreck [1900], at

Prophets and Psalms


Prophetical Books Isaiah Chapter 1 Verses 1-8 The church has been vastated by evil of life, 3 9 so that there is little of a residue. 3 10-15 Therefore their external worship is of no avail. 3 16-19 Exhortation that they should repent of the evil of life, and thus they will receive good. 3 20-23 They falsify the Word. 3 24-27 The Lord when He comes will destroy them, and will establish the church with others; 1, 11 28-31 This when nothing of the church remains with them. 3


Chapter 2 [Isaiah] 1-5 The Coming of the Lord, and a new heaven and a new church at that time, are openly treated of, 1, 12 6-9 because in the former church there is nothing but falsity and evil of falsity. 1, 3 10-18 The Coming of the Lord is openly treated of; He will destroy all who are in the love of self and in the pride of their own intelligence. 1, 3, 15 10, 19-21 The last judgment is openly treated of, and the casting down of the evil into hell. 15 22 Something concerning the separation of the good from them. 15


Chapter 3 [Isaiah] 1-7 There will be a lack of knowledges [cognitiones] of good and truth, 2 8-12 because they are in evils and in things falsified. 2 13, 14 The Lord will come to judgment, 15 15-26 and He will cast into hell those who have perverted the truths of the Word. 15


Chapter 4 [Isaiah] 1-3 There will then be from the Lord a new thing of the church, 12 4-6 and providence that the Word be not perverted still further. 12


Chapter 5 [Isaiah] 1, 2 A church full of truths and goods from the Word was instituted by the Lord. 2 3, 4, 7 It became perverted. 2 [5, 6,] 7-15 It is destroyed still further by falsifications of the truth and good of the Word. 2 16, 17 The Lord will come and give the church to others. 1, 11 [18, 19,] 20-30 Those who perverted the truths and goods of the church will perish from falsities and evils of every kind. 15


Chapter 6 [Isaiah] 1-4 The Lord appeared in the midst of His Divine truth, which is the Word. [1] 5-8 The doctrine of the church, derived from the Word not understood, was impure. 2 9-13 It is foretold that all understanding of the Word would perish, so that at last it would no longer be known what truth and good are in the church. 2


Chapter 7 [Isaiah] 1-6 Ignorance of truth and non-understanding of the Word will enter and begin to destroy the church. 2 7-9 It is foretold that this will not take place as yet, 3, 2 10-16 but it will at the time when the Lord comes into the world. 3, 1 17-20 Then all understanding of the Word will be perverted by knowledges [scientifica] and by reasonings from them, until nothing remains. 2, 3 21, 22 Then truth will be taught in all abundance. 11, 3 23, 24 The church will then be wholly devastated. 11, 3 23 It will be otherwise with those who receive. 11, 3


Chapter 8 [Isaiah] 1-4 It is foretold that before that time knowledge [cognitio] and perception truth will perish, 2, 3 5, 6 because they are not willing to understand the Word in simplicity. 2, 3 7-12 By reasonings from falsities the whole church will perish, until conjunction with God will no longer take place; 2, 3 13-16 and they will not know the Lord, who is the Word and the church. 4 17-21 Nevertheless, others will know the Lord, who reject falsities, and put away things falsified, 11 9:1 (H.B. 8:23) and who, by combats against evils and falsities, receive reformation; 11 8:22 (H.B. 8:22) although the church there is nothing but falsity. 3


Chapter 9 [Isaiah] 1 [See above, before 8:22.] 11 2-4 (H.B. 9:1-3) The Coming of the Lord, and the new church which will receive Him, 1, 11 5 (H.B. 4) but not the old church, which has been destroyed. 1, 11 6, 7 (H.B. 5, 6) The Lord, who is described, will do all things, and He will protect from falsities and evils. 11 8-21 (H.B. 7-20) The old church, from its own intelligence, will falsify and pervert every truth and good of the Word and thus of the church, even until nothing remains. 3


Chapter 10 [Isaiah] 1, 2 The further vastation of the church, by their taking away stealthily from others the truths and goods of the church. 2 3, 4 They will perish at the time of the last judgment. 5, 2 5-11 They pervert truths by reasonings from their own intelligence. 2 12-19 At the time of the last judgment such are to be utterly destroyed by the Lord, so that scarcely anything of natural truth will remain with them. 15, 3 20-22, 24 Those who believe in the Lord are to be saved, 17, 3 and to be protected lest they be taken captive by confirmations of falsity through reasonings; 12 23, 25-34 because the whole church has been devastated by knowledges [scientifica] that pervert the truths of the church and confirm falsities. 12


Chapter 11 [Isaiah] The Coming of the Lord. 1 1-5 He will judge from Divine wisdom; and will save the faithful and destroy the unfaithful. 15 6-9 The state of innocence that those in the heavens have who trust in Him. 12 10-12 Those who are in falsities from ignorance, and have not suffered themselves to be led astray by falsities and evils, will draw near to the Lord. 11, 12 13-15 The church will then understand the Word, and will shake off falsities of every kind. 11, 12 16 These falsities will no longer hurt them. 11, 12


Chapter 12 [Isaiah] 1-6 Confession and celebration of the Lord on account of salvation. 16


Chapter 13 [Isaiah] In this chapter, concerning the adulteration of good and truth, which is "Babel" [or "Babylon"]. 1-3 The Lord will come in Divine power, 1 4-9 for grievous judgment upon those that have utterly departed, to destroy them, 15 10-12 because there is no longer any good and truth remaining with them. 15 13-18 Therefore all will perish with their evils and falsities, 15 19-22 and abide in hell, where there are direful and horrid evils and falsities. 15


Chapter 14 [Isaiah] 1-3 The new church that is to be established. 12 4-6 The judgment upon those who have adulterated the goods of the church and profaned its truths, which are "Babel" [or "Babylon"]. 15, 3 7-12, 15-21 The casting of them down into hell, where they are the worst of all. 15, 3 13, 14 Their pride, that they wish to have dominion with God over heaven. 15, 3 22, 23 Their horrible end. 15, 3 24-27 Those who by reasonings from their own intelligence destroy the truths of the Word and profane them, are to be destroyed. 15, 3 28-32 (L.B. 15:1-5) The judgment upon those who make religion to consist in nothing but knowledges [cognitiones]. These knowledges are "Philistia." 15 30, 32 (L.B. 15:3, 5) When they are removed the church will be safe. 12


Chapter 15 [Isaiah] The last judgment upon those who have rejected the goods of charity, and have perverted the goods of the word, who are meant by "Moab." 15, 3 1-9 (L.B. 16:1-9) Their destruction. 15, 3


Chapter 16 [Isaiah] 1, 2 (L.B. 10, 11) The Lord is not acknowledged by them. 4 3-5 (L.B. 12-14) They will remain until the Coming of the Lord, and are then to be judged. 15 6-14 (L.B. 15-23) Of what quality they are, and of what quality they will be after their end. 15


Chapter 17 [Isaiah] Those who place religion in nothing but knowing knowledges [scientia cognitionum], which is "Damascus." 2 1, 2 They are to be destroyed. 2 3 This [knowledge] will be serviceable to the new church. 11, 2 4-6 The knowledge of knowledges will then be rare, 11, 2 7, 8 but they are to be instructed by the Lord. 11, 2 9-14 Those who do not suffer themselves to be instructed by the Lord will lack all things, and will seize upon falsities for truths. 11, 2


Chapter 18 [Isaiah] Those who are willing to be in blind ignorance respecting the things of salvation. Such are "Cush" [or "Ethiopia"]. 2 1, 2 Their quality. 2 3-6 When the church will be established, they will be rejected as worthless. 3 7 On the other hand, those who are in ignorance from not having the church, will draw near to the Lord. 11


Chapter 19 [Isaiah] Those who, out of a mere science of such things as belong to the word and the church, make a religion for themselves, and enter into it; this religion is "Egypt". 2 1-4 From this come controversies and heresies; and such men enter into falsities of every kind. 2 5-10 All truths will perish with them. 2 [11], 12-15 Insanity will take the place of intelligence. 2, 3 15-17 They will perish. 15 18-22 Such knowledges [scientifica] will be of use in the future, when they have been instructed in truths by the Lord. 11 23-25 Then the spiritual, rational, and knowing faculties will act in unity. 11, 12


Chapter 20 [Isaiah] The same. 2, 3 1-6 In consequence of their having been deprived of truths, they will be led astray by reasonings and will be devastated by them of every good of religion. 2, 3


Chapter 21 [Isaiah] 1-4 Natural good will no longer remain. 3 5-7 Expectation of the Lord, when the natural [of man] will first be imbued with truths from good; 1, 11 8-10 then the rational, 11 9 so far as adulteration of good and truth ceases. 3 11, 12 The Coming of the Lord is expected. 11 13, 14 Then those who are in ignorance will have knowledges [cognitiones] of good and truth. 2, 11 15-17 He will come when all knowledges [cognitiones] of truth and good perish, until very little is left. 11, 2, 3


Chapter 22 [Isaiah] Self intelligence. 2 1-7 The truths of the church are destroyed thereby. 2 8-12 The externals of the church are wholly destroyed thereby, until they come into ignorance concerning the Lord. 2 13-15 From the delights of falsity, they will then destroy the senses of the Word. 2 16-19 They will perish. 2 20-24 The power of the Word will remain, guarded by the Lord. 2 25 This also will perish in the church. 2


Chapter 23 [Isaiah] The church which is to be devastated and which has been devastated in respect to all knowledges [cognitiones] of good and truth. This is "Tyre." 2 1-9 There is no longer any truth of the church through knowledges [cognitiones], as before. 2 10-14 It will be vastated still further by reasonings from falsities. 2 15-17 The devastation of knowledges [cognitiones] of truth will extend, and it will last until the Coming of the Lord. 1, 2, 3 18 The knowledges [cognitiones] will then be of service to others. 11


Chapter 24 [Isaiah] 1-13 The church in general is utterly devastated, insomuch that there is no longer anything of the church remaining, but in its place falsity and evil. 3 14-16 Those who are outside of the church will receive enlightenment from the Lord. 11 16-20 The church will utterly perish, and is to be destroyed. 3 21, 22 They are to be cast into hell. 15 22, 23 There will be a new church from the Lord in place of the old. 11, 12


Chapter 25 [Isaiah] 1 Confession of the Lord, 16 2 after all things of the church had utterly perished. 3 3-5 They shall not then perish; and those who are outside of the church shall draw near, and shall be protected that they be not infested by them. 11 6-8 The Lord will disclose truths to them, and will take away the blindness that has arisen. 11 9, 10 Confession of the Lord by them. 16 10-12 Adulteration of the good of the church and of the Word will be utterly destroyed. 3


Chapter 26 [Isaiah] 1-4 Glorification of the Lord because of the doctrine of truth from Him, which they will receive and confess. 16 5, 6 The old church, being utterly destroyed, is rejected. 3 7-9 Consequently the Coming of the Lord will then be expected. 1 10, 11 The wicked will not receive. 4 12, 13 The Lord alone will teach all things. 11 14, 15 Those who by persuasion establish falsity of doctrine, are to be utterly rejected by the judgment. 15 16-18 They could not grow better prior to this, owing to the ignorance in which they are. 11 19 Nevertheless, they are to be instructed, and will receive life. 11 19-21 They are to be preserved, while, in the meantime, those who are in the persuasion of falsity are to be destroyed by the last judgment. 15


Chapter 27 [Isaiah] 1 There is no longer any truth or good in the natural man. 2 2, 3 Nevertheless the truth of the church must be guarded. 11 4, 5 Every evil and falsity will be destroyed on the day of judgment. 15 6 Afterwards there will be a new church 11 7, 8 with those in whom truths have not been completely lost. 11 8-12 In time all true worship will perish, with all truth and good; they will perish on the day of judgment. 15 12, 13 Afterwards there will be a new church that will confess the Lord. 11


Chapter 28 [Isaiah] Those who from their own intelligence have falsified truths. These are "the drunkards of Ephraim." 2 1, 2 Falsities will break in. 2 3, 4 Truths will perish. 2 5[, 6] The Lord will teach truths when He comes. 11 7, 8 Then all doctrine will be full of falsities and evils, 3 9, 10 so that they cannot be instructed and taught. 3 11-13 They will reject. 3 14-16 They will laugh to scorn those things that are of heaven and the church, and will reject those things that are of the Lord. 17-21 Although they will reprobate and not understand, nevertheless they must be taught. 4, 2 22-29 They will be taught constantly, and yet will not receive. 2, 3


Chapter 29 [Isaiah] The lost doctrine of truth of the church. This is "Ariel." 3 1-4 It will perish even until it is not anything. 3 5, 6 Falsities will gain strength and pervert still further, even until the church perishes. 2, 3 7, 8 Falsity will appear as truth. 2, 3 9, 12 Because of falsities they are unable to see truths. 2, 3 13 There is external worship without internal. 2, 3 14 There is no longer any understanding of truth. 2, 3 15, 16 They will entertain sinister thoughts about God. 3 17-19 When the old church perishes, a new one is to be established by the Lord. 3, 11 20, 21 All who are against truth and good will perish. 3 22-24 It will be otherwise with those who will receive the Lord; they will understand truths. 11


Chapter 30 [Isaiah] 1-5 Those who trust in the knowledge [scientia] of the natural man, thus in their own intelligence, lead themselves astray. 2 6 The learned or the self-taught: 2 7-10 they are led astray by knowledges [scientiae], and they recede from the Word, 2 11 and from the Lord. 2 12-14 Thus they have no truth and thus again no good. 2 15 They should have trust in the Lord. 2 16, 17 Those who trust in themselves and in their own learning have no intelligence whatever. 2 18, 19 The Lord turns Himself to those who trust in Him. 11 20, 21 They will be instructed. 11 22 They will then reject those things pertaining to self-intelligence. 11 23-26 They will then have truth in all abundance, and wisdom. 11 27, 28 When those who are in the falsities of evil will perish, 15, 3 29, 30 they will then come into the delights of truth and good, from the Lord. 11 30, 31 There will be a judgment on those who trust in themselves. 15 32, 33 Those who have thereby adulterated the Word, will be cast into hell. 15


Chapter 31 [Isaiah] 1 Those who trust in their own learning from self-intelligence, and not in the Lord, 4 2 are against Him; wherefore they have evil. 2, 4 3 They have no understanding of truth, but will fall into falsities. 2 4 They are to be destroyed at the time of judgment. 15 5, 6 The Lord will then protect those in whom is the church from Him. 11 7 Then they will reject falsities and evils. 11 8, 9 Those who trust in themselves will perish. 15 9 There will be good from the Lord in the new church. 11


Chapter 32 [Isaiah] 1 When the Lord will reign by means of the Divine truth, 1 2-4 truth will be acceptable, and there will be understanding of truth, 11 5 and pretense will cease. 11 6, 7 Then the false-speaker will speak falsities, and the malevolent will do evils, 3 8 and vice versa. 11 9-12 Then all things of the church will cease, 11[, ?3] 13, 14 and falsity will be everywhere, [3] 15-18 even until there is Divine truth from the Lord; then there will be truth and good, and protection from falsities. 11 19 Falsity will continue even unto the end. 3 20 Not so with those who love truth and good. 11


Chapter 33 [Isaiah] 1 Those who by falsities vastate the truths of the church. 3 2 The Lord when He comes, will protect His own. 11 3, 4 The vastators will be dispersed by Him. 3 5, 6 They will have protection from the Lord by means of Divine truth. 11 7-9 Devastation of the truth of the church will then continue. 3 10 They will not care for the Lord. 4 11, 12 Falsities and evils will consume all things of the church. 15, 3 13, 14 They will fear the last judgment. 15 15-17 Those who do good are to be saved by the Lord. 11, 17 18, 19 They will not listen to falsities nor believe them. 11 20-22 They will be of the Lord's church, and there they will have from the Lord an abundance of all things of truth, 11 23, 24 and of all things of good; and thus no more evil. 11


Chapter 34 [Isaiah] 1-8 A last judgment upon all who are in evil and in falsities therefrom, is described. 15 9-15 Having been cast down into hell they will abide in horrid falsities and evils to eternity. 15 16 This has been foretold. 15 17 It will be otherwise with those who are not such. 11


Chapter 35 [Isaiah] 1-3 Those who are outside of the church, and do not have the Word, are to be accepted, that they may become a church, and all things of heaven are to be given to them. 11 [4,] 5 The Lord will protect and liberate the latter from the infernals, 11 6-9 and while in the midst of them they are to be protected and saved. 11 10 The church will consist of them, and they will have the good of the church. 11


Chapter 36 [Isaiah] 1 Reasonings from falsities have perverted the doctrinals of the church, 2 2-6 by means of knowledges [scientifica] falsely applied, 2 7 and by abrogation of the representative worship, 2, 3 8-10 and in consequence, the church has gone away into what is perverse; 11, 12 the result of this was mere evils and falsities, 2, 3 13-20 even so that they blasphemed the Lord, [maintaining] that He had no power. 2, 3 21, 22 This has been made manifest. 2, 3


Chapter 37 [Isaiah] 1-5 Of those who repented, and consulted truths of doctrine, 3 6, 7 and perceived that those who blasphemed the Lord will perish. 3, 2, 4 8-13 They blasphemed still more violently, as [in the assertion] that He could be of no avail whatever against them. 3, 4 14-20 Those who consulted doctrine from the Word repented, and prayed unto the Lord for help against the blasphemers, 3, 11 21-27 and received answer in their heart, that those who blasphemed the Lord will perish; and this blasphemy is likewise treated of. 3, 15, 4 28, 29 Therefore it will go no farther, 3, 15, 4 30-32 because a new church will come into existence in its time; 11 33-35 and therefore the old church will not be destroyed as yet; 2 36-38 nevertheless, they are to be utterly destroyed. 2[?3]


Chapter 38 [Isaiah] 1-6 They repented; therefore they were protected from destruction; 2 7, 8 therefore the time of the Coming of the Lord has been protracted. 1 9-15 The church will nevertheless depart. 2 16-20 They are exhorted to repent. 2 21, 22 There is still natural good with some. 2


Chapter 39 [Isaiah] 1-7 It is foretold that they will adulterate all the goods of the Word and profane its truths, until nothing of good and truth is left, which is "Babel" [or "Babylon"];3 8 but not as yet. 2


Chapter 40 [Isaiah] 1-5 The Coming of the Lord is foretold, when the good are to be saved, and the evil will perish. 1, 2, 11 6-8 Every truth will be banished. 2 9-11 Prediction concerning the Coming of the Lord, and the salvation of those who receive Him, 1, 11 12-14 because He is almighty and all-knowing. 16 15-18 All men and all things against Him are nothing worth. 16 19, 20 One's own intelligence is nothing worth. 16 21-25 Dominion over all things is the Lord's, and without Him, all things fall. 16 26 He rules the heavens. 16 27 Why the church is ignorant of this. 16 28, 29, 31 The Lord upholds the church with those who look to Him. 16, 11 30 Those who do not [look to Him], have no power, but fall. 2


Chapter 41 [Isaiah] 1-3 Concerning a last judgment executed by the Lord from His Human, in which He was while in the world. 15 4 [He executed the judgment] by means of His Divine. [15, 10] 5-7 Those who were in self-intelligence opposed themselves to Him. 4 8-10, 13, 14 His Human was strengthened by His Divine. 10 11, 12 They will be of no avail whatever against Him. 7 15, 16 They will be totally dispersed. 8 16, 17 Those who confide in the Lord will not fail. 18-20 They will have truths and goods in all abundance. 11 [21,] 22-24 The rest will not know, and will have no power. 11 25, 26 Those who are in ignorance of truth, will come to the Lord; 11 27 the church will consist of these. 11 28, 29 Of themselves they are [nothing] but falsity and evil. 11


Chapter 42 [Isaiah] 1-4 Concerning the Lord, in whom is the Divine, that He will gently lead and teach. 1, 11 5-8 He will save by virtue of His Divine. 1, 11 9-12 The Coming of the Lord is foretold, and the joy of those who will draw nigh to Him, who had previously lived in ignorance. 1, 11 13-15 He will fight for them against the hells, which He will conquer, and He will destroy their power. 7 16 Those who are in ignorance are then to be enlightened. 11 17 Those who trust in their own intelligence, and thus in falsities, are to be driven away. 3 18-20 The Lord's patience and tolerance is described, 1, 6, 4 21 and also His justice. 1, 6, 4 22-24 Then those who were of the church despoiled them of all truths, and they became averse to them. 11 25 He suffered direful things from them, and endured these things. 9, 4


Chapter 43 [Isaiah] 1 Redemption and salvation of those who will be of the new church from the Lord. 17 2 Falsities and evils will not hurt them. 11 3-8 Those from every quarter and of every kind will come to Him. 11 9 This has been foretold. 11 10-13 He Himself, who is to come, has foretold it. 1 14 He will destroy all who adulterate and profane the goods and truths of the church.3 15 It will be He Himself, 1 16, 17 who saves His own, and destroys all the power of hell.8 18-21 From Him will be a new thing, and a new church of those who had previously been in no truths whatever. 11 22-27 The church itself did not worship Him, but they wearied Him with sins, which He bore with, from the beginning and also afterwards. 4 28 Therefore He will utterly reject the church. 3


Chapter 44 [Isaiah] 1-4 Those who will acknowledge the Lord will receive the Holy Spirit. 1, 11 5-7 He is Jehovah who has foretold that He will do this. 1 8 There is no other God. 1 9-11 Those who do not worship Him alone are falsifiers. 4 12-20 Those who frame for themselves something else of religion from their own intelligence make falsity to appear as truth, and evil as good, whence they have a quasi divine worship. 2 21, 22 To the Jewish church: it should refrain from such things. 2 23, 24 To the new church: the Lord alone is the God of heaven and earth. 11, 10 25 He rejects such, because they are insane from self-intelligence, 3 26 when He establishes His church, 11 27 and destroys the old church. 3 28 This is from the Lord through the Divine Human, who is meant by "Cyrus" in this place. 11


Chapter 45 [Isaiah] Of the Lord in respect to the Divine Human, who is "Cyrus." 1, 2 From His Divine He has omnipotence against all things of hell. 8 3 He has Divine wisdom, 8, 10 4 through His Divine, even to ultimates. 8, 10 5, 6 He is none other than Jehovah; let all men know this. 10 7 From Him are all things. 10 8 Let them receive Him, that they may be saved. 17 9-11 Doubt whether it be so and why it is so, ought not to be entertained, 10 12 for He Himself is the God of heaven, 10 13 and thus He will save men, for they have been bound by the hells. 17 14 Those who are in ignorance and natural men will draw near. 11 15 Whence salvation thus comes has been hidden. 17 16 Those who are in falsities will recede. 4 17 Those who are of His church are saved. 17 18 The reason why they are thus saved is that man has been born for heaven. 17 19 This has been foretold in the Word. 17 20 Those who are in good draw near, and those who are in evil recede. 11, 17 21, 22 The Lord should be received, because He alone is God, and from Him alone is salvation. 11, 17 23-25 In Him alone is all the life of heaven, 17 24 and that life is not in those who are against Him. 4


Chapter 46 [Isaiah] Of the profanation of truth, which is "Bel." 2-3 1 They have affections of falsity and evil. 2-3 2 They are no longer able to understand truth. 2-3 3-5 Those who are not of such a character have been led by the Lord and are led by Him. 17 6, 7 The rest take goods and truths from the Word, and profane them, and make for themselves a religion in which there is no life. 2, 3 8-12 They ought to consider that there is no other religion than that which is commanded in the Word, where all truths are. 2, 3 13 The Coming of the Lord from whom is salvation, is near at hand. 1, 17


Chapter 47 [Isaiah] Of those who adulterate good and profane truth, who are meant by "Babel" [or "Babylon"].8-15 1 These no longer have dominion. 8, 15 2, 3 They may frame falsities of faith and evils of love; but these will be destroyed until they are not, 8, 15 4 by the Lord. 8, 15 5 Those who profane will be thrust down. 8, 15 6 These falsities and evils have invaded the church and perverted it. 3 7 They believe that they have dominion over all men, 8, 15 8, 9 and that their dominion will not cease, by reason of the heinous inventions of worship in which they trust. 8, 15 10, 11 They will be utterly destroyed, because they have exalted themselves above all in the world. 8, 15 12-15 All the fictions and inventions of worship will avail nothing, because they will be cast down into hell. 8, 15


Chapter 48 [Isaiah] Exhortation to the church that is adulterating the goods and profaning the truths of the word, that they should desist. 2 1, 2 It has been granted them that they may be the church, and that they may acknowledge the Lord, but in vain. 2 3, 4 They have turned away, and this has been declared to them, 2 5 lest, haply, they should believe that they themselves are superior to others, 2 6, 7 and have not known this, 2 8 and yet they have been such from the beginning. 2 9-11 They are not yet to be destroyed, for His own reasons, and the time will yet be prolonged. 2 12, 13 Be it known to them that He is the God of heaven and earth. 10, 16 14-17 He is the Lord who will come among those who are adulterating and profaning the Word, and will declare this to them: 1 18, 19 if they had obeyed Him they would have had the goods and truths of the church in all abundance; 2 20, 21 if they would leave the adulterations and falsifications of the Word, and the pride of having dominion, they would be in everything of the church. 2 22 But the church is not with them, because they have turned away. 2


Chapter 49 [Isaiah] Of redemption and salvation by the Lord. "Israel" here means the Lord. 17 1-3 He will give the doctrine concerning God. 17, 11 4 It is to no purpose in the church. 4 5, 6 A church with everything belonging to it is to be established by Him. 11 7 They should submit themselves to Him. 11, 17 7-11 He will teach them all the truths of salvation. 17, 11 12 Those who are far removed from truths will draw near, 11 13 and they will have joy on this account. 11 14-16 Let them not believe that the Lord does not remember them; He remembers them constantly. 11 17, 19 Falsities and evils will be removed. 11 18 Approach from all parts to the church. 11 19, 20 Heaven will be enlarged for them. 12 21-23 A multitude of those who have not had the Word and hence neither the truths of the church, will draw near, and will worship the Lord, and will be instructed in Divine truths. 11 24, 25 Evils from hell will not break in upon them. 11, 17 26 Those will be removed from them, who endeavor to introduce evil and falsity; these will be in the hells. 17


Chapter 50 [Isaiah] 1 The former church is rejected. 3 2, 3 There is not one there who is obedient, not one who believes that the Divine has power to save, wherefore all things of the church are hidden from them. 3 4, 5 The Lord has taught constantly. [1] 6, 7 They have treated the Lord wickedly, but He has endured it. 9 8, 9 Through the Divine in Himself He has become justice. 10 9 Those who are against Him will perish by falsities from evil. 15 10 Those who are far removed from truths will trust in Him and will acknowledge Him, 11 11 and the rest, with their evils and the falsities therefrom, will be cast down into hell. 15

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