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p. 87


From Ms. Laud 613, p. 21.

Mura cecinit.

'Coinne Mongain is Coluim caim
maic Feidlimthe an ardnaoim [5]
a Carraic Eolairg co m-bloidh
canuid eoiaigh a leabruib.
    .     .     .     .     .

De dardain tainic gan mairg
Mongan co Carruic Eolairg
d’ acallaim Coluim Cille [10]
a Tir tredaig Tairngaire.

Ni ḟuair Mongan do tognam
ag techt do d’ ḟechain nime
acht a cenn--mor in soc[h]ar--
fa cochall Coluim Cille.' [15]

Muru (of Fothain 1) cecinit

The meeting of Mongan and beloved Colum
The son of Fedlimid, the noble saint,
At Carraic Eolairg 2 with fame
Wise men sing in books. [20]

On a Thursday without woe
Mongan came to Carrait Eolairg
To converse with Comm Cille,
From the flock-abounding Land of Promise.

Mongan found not any help [25]
When he went to see Heaven,
But his head--great the profit!
Under Cohan Cille's cowl.'


87:1 Now Fahan, co. Donegal. Muru died about 650.

87:2 On Lough Foyle.

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