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From Gilla Modutu's poem Senchas Ban, written A.D. 1141, Book of Leinster, p. 140 a, 29.

'Ingen do Chammáin Dub-Lacha,
  lennán Mongáin, maith a ciand,
[20] Colgo, Conall, ba lucht láthair,
  Cáintigern a máthair mall:
ingen maic Demmáin Dub-Lacha
  na n-gellám cen tacha thall.'

Cammán's daughter was Dub-Lacha,
[25]  The beloved of Mongán, their offspring was good,
Colgo, Conall, that were folk of strength,
  Cáintigern was his gentle mother.
Daughter of Demmán's son was Dub-Lacha
  Of the white arms, without fault, of yore.'

[30] Cammán Dub, the daughter of Furudrán mac Bécce, of the royal race of the Ui Turtri, was the wife of Fiachna Dub mac Demmáin (LL: 140 a, 27).

Unless máthair mall may mean 'grandmother,' we must translate as I have done, and refer the a 'his' to Mongán.

[35] As to Dub-Lacha being called 'of the white arms,' cf. her by-name Láimhghel, p. 61, 10 above.

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