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Sūra LXVIII.: Qalam, or the Pen, or Nūn. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXVIII.: Qalam, or the Pen, or Nūn.

Section 2

34. Inna lilmuttaqeena AAinda rabbihim jannati alnnaAAeemi

34. Verily, for the Righteous,
Are Gardens of Delight,
In the Presence
Of their Lord.

35. AfanajAAalu almuslimeena kaalmujrimeena

35. Shall We then treat
The People of Faith
Like the People of Sin?

36. Ma lakum kayfa tahkumoona

36. What is the matter
With you? How judge ye?

37. Am lakum kitabun feehi tadrusoona

37. Or have ye a Book
Through which ye learn—

38. Inna lakum feehi lama takhayyaroona

38. That ye shall have,
Through it whatever
Ye choose?

39. Am lakum aymanun AAalayna balighatun ila yawmi alqiyamati inna lakum lama tahkumoona

39. Or have ye Covenants
With Us on oath,
Reaching to the Day
Of Judgment, (providing)
That ye shall have
Whatever ye shall demand?

40. Salhum ayyuhum bithalika zaAAeemun

40. Ask thou of them,
Which of them will stand
Surety for that!

41. Am lahum shurakao falya/too bishuraka-ihim in kanoo sadiqeena

41. Or have they some
"Partners" (in Godhead)?
Then let them produce
Their "partners",
If they are truthful!

42. Yawma yukshafu AAan saqin wayudAAawna ila alssujoodi fala yastateeAAoona

42. The Day that the Shin
Shall be laid bare,
And they shall be summoned
To bow in adoration,
But they shall not be able,—

43. KhashiAAatan absaruhum tarhaquhum thillatun waqad kanoo yudAAawna ila alssujoodi wahum salimoona

43. Their eyes will be
Cast down,—ignominy will
Cover them; seeing that
They had been summoned
Aforetime to bow in adoration,
While they were whole,
(And had refused).

44. Fatharnee waman yukaththibu bihatha alhadeethi sanastadrijuhum min haythu la yaAAlamoona

44. Then leave Me alone
With such as reject
This Message: by degrees
Shall We punish them
From directions they perceive not.

45. Waomlee lahum inna kaydee mateenun

45. A (long) respite will I
Grant them: truly
Powerful is My Plan.

46. Am tas-aluhum ajran fahum min maghramin muthqaloona

46. Or is it that thou dost
Ask them for a reward,
So that they are burdened
With a load of debt?—

47. Am AAindahumu alghaybu fahum yaktuboona

47. Or that the Unseen
Is in their hands, so that
They can write it down?

48. Faisbir lihukmi rabbika wala takun kasahibi alhooti ith nada wahuwa makthoomun

48. So wait with patience
For the Command
Of thy Lord, and be not
Like the Companion
Of the Fish,—when he
Cried out in agony.

49. Lawla an tadarakahu niAAmatun min rabbihi lanubitha bialAAara-i wahuwa mathmoomun

49. Had not Grace
From His Lord
Reached him, he
Would indeed have been
Cast off on the naked
Shore, in disgrace.

50. Faijtabahu rabbuhu fajaAAalahu mina alssaliheena

50. Thus did his Lord
Choose him and make him
Of the company
Of the Righteous.

51. Wa-in yakadu allatheena kafaroo layuzliqoonaka bi-absarihim lamma samiAAoo alththikra wayaqooloona innahu lamajnoonun

51. And the Unbelievers
Would almost trip thee up
With their eyes when they
Hear the Message; and they
Say: "Surely he is possessed!"

52. Wama huwa illa thikrun lilAAalameena

52. But it is nothing less
Than a Message
To all the worlds.

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