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HYMN XLV. Soma Pavamana.

1. FLOW, thou who viewest men, to give delight, to entertain the Gods,
Indu, to Indra for his drink.
2 Stream to thine embassy for us: thou hastenest, for Indra, to
The Gods, O better than our friends.
3 We balm thee, red of hue, with milk to fit thee for the rapturous joy:
Unbar for us the doors of wealth.
4 He through the sieve hath passed, as comes a courser to the pole, to run
Indu belongs unto the Gods.
5 All friends have lauded him as he sports in the wood, beyond the fleece:
Singers have chanted Indu's praise.
6 Flow, Indu, with that stream wherein steeped thou announcest to the man
Who worships thee heroic strength.

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