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HYMN XLIV. Soma Pavamana.

1. INDU, to us for this great rite, bearing as ’twere thy wave to Gods,
Unwearied, thou art flowing forQh.
2 Pleased with the hymn, impelled by prayer, Soma is hurried far away,
The Wise One in the Singer's stream.,
3 Watchful among the. gods, this juice advances to the cleansing sieve
Soma, most active, travels on.
4 Flow onward, seeking strength for us, embellishing the sacrifice:
The priest with trimmed grass calleth thee.
5 May Soma, ever bringing power to Bhaga and to Vāyu, Sage
And Hero, lead us to the Gods.
6 So, to increase our wealth to-day, Inspirer, best of Furtherers,
Win for us strength and high renown.

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