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HYMN XLVI. Soma Pavamana.

1. LIKE able coursers they have been sent forth to be the feast of Gods,
joying in mountains, flowing on.
2 To Vāyu flow the Soma-streams, the drops of juice made beautiful
Like a bride dowered by her sire.
3 Pressed in the mortar, these, the drops of
juice, the Somas rich in food,
Give strength to Indra with their work.
4 Deft-handed men, run hither, seize the brilliant juices blent with meal,
And cook with milk the gladdening draught.
5 Thus, Soma, Conqueror of wealth! flow, finding furtherance for us,
Giver oF ample opulence.
6 This Pavamana, meet to be adorned, the fingers ten adorn,
The draught that shall make Indra glad.

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