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p. 164


Who is there? --I am the woman-vendor. Open your door, Sostrata, I'll give you two good reasons. This one first. Approach, Anasyrtolis, and undress yourself. --She is a little heavy.

--She's a beauty. Besides, she does the kordax; and knows eighty songs. --Turn around. Raise your arms. Show your hair. Put up your foot. Now smile. That's good.

--This one now. --She is too young! --Oh! not at all! She was twelve the day before yesterday, and you cannot teach her a thing. --Take off your tunic. Let's see? No, she is thin.

--I only ask a mina for her. --And the first? --Two minae thirty. --Three minae for the both? --Done. --Come in and wash yourselves. And you, farewell.

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