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p. 163


If you should like, oh! halting passer-by, slim thighs and high-strung flanks, a hard, strong throat and knees which clasp, go seek out Plango, she who is my friend.

If you are looking for a laughing girl with round luxurious breasts, a fragile build, plump buttocks and lovely hollowed flanks, go to the corner of this street where Spidhorodellis has her domicile.

But if long tranquil hours in a courtesan's arms, her soft skin, the belly's warmth and odor of her tresses pleases you, go look for Milto, you will be satisfied.

But do not expect much love; profit by her experience. One can ask everything of a woman, when she is nude, when it is night and a hundred drachmae lie upon the hearth.

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