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p. 395


When the Heavenly Sovereign made a progress to the palace of Yeshinu, 1 there was on the bank of the Yeshinu

p. 396

river a girl of beautiful appearance. So having wedded this girl, he returned to the Palace. Afterwards, when he again made a progress to Yeshinu, he halted where he had met the girl, and in that place raised a great august throne, 2a seated himself on that august throne, played on his august lute, and made the maiden dance. Then he composed an august Song on account of the maiden's good dancing. That Song said:

"Oh! that the maiden dancing to the lute-playing, of the august hand of the Deity seated on the throne might continue for ever!" 3



395:1 See Sect. XLVI, Note 3.

396:2a See Sect. CXII, Note 2.

396:3 This Song presents no difficulties. In it the Emperor speaks of himself as a Deity, and is enthusiastically praised by the commentator Moribe for so doing.

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