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The people sinned and Heluta withheld the rains. Only to his son, Corncob Boy, he gave stores for the four years of the drought. Corncob Boy lived in a large house with his two wives, daughters of the cacique. All kinds of corn were in his house and in the center was an inexhaustible bowl of water. All of the summer birds lived with him in his house during the time there was no rain. Heluta told him, "When the people are dying of hunger and thirst and come to you for food, give it to them; do not be stingy."

For four years the crops failed and the people were starving. They came to Corncob Boy and said, "We are sorry for what we have done. Send messengers to your father Heluta and ask him to forgive us." Corncob Boy sent Coyote to take word to Heluta to ask him to forgive them: "Come back and bring them good fortune." Heluta was sorry for the people and he gave them the ceremony of the Giant Society. He brought it to Cochiti. When it was over, Heluta said to the people, "Wait till I get back to Shipap and you will have rain." When he had reached there, the clouds came up with thunder and lightning. It began to rain and wet the fields, and the people had water to drink.


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