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In this book of Pima legends, various errors with regard to Indian words have occurred which will be corrected in a second edition. These are principally as follows:

The rule was made that all Indian words should be printed the first time in italics, with hyphens to facilitate pronunciation; afterwards in roman type, without hyphens. This rule has many times been violated.

There is a lack of uniformity in the spelling, etc., of many of the Indian terms. Thus the name of the old seeneeyawkum has been spelled in different ways, but should always be Comalk Hawkkih. The name of the Creator should always be Juwerta Mahkai. The name of his subordinate should be Eeheetoy. Gee-ee-sop should be Geeheesop. Cheof should be Cheoff. Vah-kee-woldt-kee, as on Page 8, should be Vahf-kee-woldt-kih as on page 112. Sah-kote-kee, on page 183, should be Sah-kot-kih, and Chirt-kee should be Chirt-kih. On page 224, vahs-shroms should be vahs-hroms. Tcheuassat Seeven (page 237) should be Tcheunassat Seeven. Stchenadack Seeven (page 238) should be Stcheuadack Seeven. Scheunassat Seeven, on page 239, should be Tcheunassat Seeven. In the story of the Turquoises and the Red bird (page 99) the name of the chief who lived in the Casa Grande ruins should have been spelled with a u, instead of a w, to secure uniformity; also the Indian name of the turquoises. The name of the Salt River Mountain, wherever it occurs, should always be Moehahdheck.

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