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Early on the second day the council of the Bear God should assemble at the council lodge. This council is composed of the Superior, the Mentors, the Candidates, and such Shamans, chiefs, and councilors as may wish to take part in their deliberations. The Superior should fill and light a pipe, offer it to the Four Winds and ask a blue day of Him, and then to the Bear God and pray Him for wisdom to control the deliberations of the council. Then he should again fill and light the pipe and pass it so that all may smoke in communion. While they are smoking he should incense with sweetgrass. When all are thus harmonized and the potency of the Mediator made

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effective, the mothers who wish to have their babes' ears pierced should announce the fact and the names of those they have chosen to fulfil this rite. Next, the parents who wish to place their children in the procession to the Sacred Tree should announce their names. Then the maidens who wish to be appointed as female attendants for the dancers should announce their desires. Then the women who wish to chop the Sacred Tree should announce the reasons for their eligibility. Then anyone may propose another for appointment to any of these offices. When these matters have been placed before the council it should deliberate upon them. Then the council should partake of the Feast of the Bear God which should be provided by the women who appeared before the council. The principal food of this feast should be the flesh of the dog. This feast completes the formalities of the second day of the preliminary camp. The red-striped marshals should urge that every article of the equipment for the performance of the ceremony be provided before the establishment of the ceremonial camp.

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