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On the first day, soon after the council fire is made, the Mentors and Candidates should assemble in the council lodge and the Mentor of the Candidate who first announced his candidacy should fill and light a pipe and all should smoke in communion. When all have been thus harmonized, the seat at the place of honor in the lodge should be occupied in the following manner:--

If the Mentor of the Candidate who first announced his candidacy is a Shaman he should occupy this seat. If he is not a Shaman, or declines to occupy the seat, then the Mentors should choose a Shaman, one of the Mentors if practicable, to occupy the seat. The one who occupies this seat thereby becomes the Superior of the ceremony and as the head of the organization for the ceremonial camp will have supervision over all that occurs in that camp.

The other Mentors are the councilors of the camp. The Superior should appoint all who are to participate in the ceremonies to be performed in the Dance Lodge other than those who are entitled to so participate. At this assembly he should appoint a herald and marshals of the ceremony and paint on the cheek of each, the insignum of his office with an additional red stripe to indicate that he is an officer of a sacred ceremony. Then the assembly may discuss matters pertaining to the ceremony and adjourn. This completes the formalities for the first day of the preliminary camp.

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