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Curly-Headed-Man, 1 they say, was hunting deer, and camped for the night. He ate his supper, and, having finished his supper, sat there. Meanwhile a large white owl sang.

Then he heard it, and answered it; and just at that moment he had no heart (lost his mind). So he himself sang, kept singing; he was crazy. Being crazy, he danced,

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kept dancing until morning, kept dancing until evening, kept dancing again until morning, singing and dancing the owl's song.

Just as it was almost morning again, he ate his hand. As he swung his arms in dancing, he bit off his arm. He tore it repeatedly with his teeth. When it was light everywhere, he finished eating one arm. He kept on dancing; and as it grew dark, he finished eating his other arm. He kept dancing, and again he ate up his foot. He kept on eating again, rolling about continually, and ate up his legs.

Then he ate his body, kept eating until he had eaten himself all up. There was only a head that rolled about. And he kept on all alone again, and returned to his house bouncing along. So he scared away all his people. He staid there eating refuse off the ground, until by and by everything was gone, he having eaten all.

Then his people, coming back to see what was going on, having listened on all sides, went away, being unable to come back. And he, continuing to do thus, again remained there, just like a man (?). And so he, getting better, remained there killing all sorts of small game. He was crazy, being frightened at anything, any sort of thing anywhere. And so the world was made crazy, it is said.

And they (his people), returning home, remained there. "Having been crazed, he stays there recovering. That is what it is," they were saying to each other, it is said. "Over there some one has gone crazy, being scared at something. That is what it is," they said. "He is staying there, (and is) a little better, indeed. That is it," they said. "Long ago a scared person, he became frightened, and went crazy."

"The world is not wanting in those who, talking together, say that. That it is, that mortal men are saying," he said.

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[paragraph continues] And thereafter always in the world he talked to himself. And then, having left all the words (that he had said?), he remained there long ago. (?) All, it is said.


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