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1. MAY the Bright God drink glorious Soma-mingled meath, giving the sacrifice's lord uninjured life;
He who, wind-urged, in person guards our offspring well, hath nourished them with food and shines o’er many a land.
2 Radiant, as high Truth, cherished, best at winning strength, Truth based upon the statute that supports the heavens,
He rose, a light, that kills Vṛtras and enemies, best slayer of the Dasyus, Asuras, and foes.
3 This light, the best of lights, supreme, all-conquering, winner of riches, is exalted with high laud.
All-lighting, radiant, mighty as the Sun to see, he spreadeth wide unfailing victory and strength.
4 Beaming forth splendour with thy light, thou hast attained heaven's lustrous realm.
By thee were brought together all existing things, possessor of all Godhead, All-effecting God.

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