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1. MAY the wind blow upon our Cows with healing: may they eat herbage full of vigorous juices.
May they drink waters rich in life and fatness: to food that moves on feet be gracious, Rudra.
2 Like-coloured, various-hued, or single-coloured, whose names through sacrifice are known to Agni,
Whom the Aṅgirases produced by Fervour,—vouchsafe to these, Parjanya, great protection.
3 Those who have offered to the Gods their bodies, whose varied forms are all well known to Soma,—
Those grant us in our cattle-pen, O Indra, with their full streams of milk and plenteous offspring.
4 Prajāpati, bestowing these upon me, one-minded with all Gods and with the Fathers,
Hath to our cow-pen brought auspicious cattle: so may we own the offspring they will bear us.

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