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1. MAY Agni, yielding to our prayer, the Rakṣas-slayer, drive away
The malady of evil name that hath beset thy labouring womb.
2 Agni, concurring in the prayer, drive off the eater of the flesh,
The malady of evil name that hath attacked thy babe and womb.
3 That which destroys the sinking germ, the settled, moving embryo,
That which will kill the babe at birth,—even this will we drive far away.
4 That which divides thy legs that it may lie between the married pair,
That penetrates and licks thy side,—even this will we exterminate.
5 What rests by thee in borrowed form of brother, lover, or of lord,
And would destroy thy Progeny,—even this will we exterminate.
6 That which through sleep or darkness hath deceived thee and lies down by thee,
And will destroy thy progeny,—even this will we exterminate.