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HYMN CLV. Various.

1. ARAYI, one-eyed limping hag, fly, ever-screeching, to the hill.
We frighten thee away with these, the heroes of Sirimbitha.
2 Scared from this place and that is she, destroyer of each germ unborn.
Go, sharp-horned Brāhmaṇaspti and drive Arayi far away.
3 Yon log that floats without a man to guide it on the river's edge,—
Seize it, thou thing with hideous jaws, and go thou far away thereon.
4 When, foul with secret stain and spot, ye hastened onward to the breast,
All Indra's enemies were slain and passed away like froth and foam.
5 These men have led about the cow, have duly carried Agni round,
And raised their glory tg the Gods. Who will attack them with success?

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