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HYMN CLIV. New Life.

1. FOR some is Soma purified, some sit by sacrificial oil:
To those for whom the meath flows forth, even to those let him depart.
2 Invincible through Fervour, those whom Fervour hath advanced to heaven,
Who showed great Fervour in their lives, -even to those let him depart.
3 The heroes who contend in war and boldly cast their lives away,
Or who give guerdon thousandfold, -even to those let him depart.
4 Yea, the first followers of Law, Law's pure and holy strengtheners,
The Fathers, Yama! Fervour-moved,even to those let him depart.
5 Skilled in a thousand ways and means, the sages who protect the Sun,
The Ṛṣis, Yama! Fervour-moved,—even to those let him depart.

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