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1. THIS deathless Indu, like a steed, strong and of full vitality,
Belongs to thee, the Orderer.
2 Here, by us, for the worshipper, is the wise bolt that works with skill.
It brings the bubbling beverage as a dexterous man brings the effectual strong drink.
3 Impetuous Ahīśuva, a bull among cows of his,
looked down upon the restless Hawk.
4 That the strong-pinioned Bird hath brought, Child of the Falcon, from afar,
What moves upon a hundred wheels along the female Dragon's path.
5 Which, fair, unrobbed, the Falcon brought thee in his foot, the red-hued dwelling of the juice;
Through this came vital power which lengthens out our days, and kinship through its help awoke.
6 So Indra is by lndu's power; e’en among Gods will it repel great treachery.
Wisdom, Most Sapient One, brings force that lengthens life. May wisdom bring the juice to us.

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