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1. YE made that Atri, worn with eld, free as a horse to win the goal.
When ye restored to youth and strength Kakṣīvān like a car renewed,
2 Ye freed that Atri like a horse, and brought him newly-born to earth.
Ye loosed him like a firm-tied knot which Gods unsoiled by dust had bound.
3 Heroes who showed most wondrous power to Atri, strive to win fair songs;
For then, O Heroes of the sky, your hymn of praise shall cease no more.
4 This claims your notice, Bounteous Gods! - oblation, Aśvins! and our love,
That ye, O Heroes, in the fight may bring us safe to ample room.
5 Ye Twain to Bhujyu tossed about in ocean at the region's end,
Nāsatyas, with your winged sterds came nigh, and gave him strength to win.
6 Come with your joys, most liberal Gods, Lords of all treasures, bringing weal.
Like fresh full waters to a well, so, Heroes come and be with us.

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