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HYMN CIV. Soma Pavamana.

1. SIT down, O friends, and sing aloud to him who purifies himself:
Deck him for glory, like a child, with holy rites.
2 Unite him bringing household wealth, even as a calf, with mother kine,
Him who hath double strength, the God, delighting juice.
3 Purify him who gives us power, that he, most Blessed One, may be
A banquet for the Troop, Mitra, and Varuṇa.
4 Voices have sung aloud to thee as finderout of wealth for us:
We clothe the hue thou wearest with a robe of milk.
5 Thou, Indu, art the food of Gods, O Sovran of all gladdening drinks:
As Friend for friend, be thou best finder of success.
6 Drive utterly away from us each demon, each voracious fiend,
The godless and the false: keep sorrow far away.

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