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HYMN CIII. Soma Pavamana.

1. To Soma who is purified as ordering Priest the song is raised:
Bring meed, as ’twere, to one who makes thee glad with hymns.
2 Blended with milk and curds he flows on through the long wool of the sheep.
The Gold-hued, purified, makes him three seats for rest.
3 On through the long wool of the sheep to the meath-dropping vat he flows:
The Ṛṣis’ sevenfold quire hath sung aloud to him.
4 Shared by all Gods, Infallible, the Leader of our holy hymns,
Golden-hued Soma, being cleansed, hath reached the bowls.
5 After thy Godlike qualities, associate with Indra, go,
As a Priest purified by priests, Immortal One.
6 Like a car-horse who shows his strength, a God effused for Deities.
The penetrating Pavamana flows along.

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