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HYMN XLII. Soma Pavamana.

1. ENGENDERING the Sun in floods, engendering heaven's lights, green-hued,
Robed in the waters and the milk,
2 According to primeval plan this Soma, with his stream, effused
Flows purely on, a God for Gods.
3 For him victorious, waxen great, the juices with a thousand powers
Are purified for winning spoil.
4 Shedding the ancient fluid he is poured into the cleansing sieve:
He, thundering, hath produced the Gods.
5 Soma, while purifying, sends hither all things to be desired,
He sends the Gods who strengthen Law.
6 Soma, effused, pour on us wealth in kine, in heroes, steeds, and spoil,
Send us abundant store of food.

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