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HYMN XLI. Soma Pavamana.

1. ACTIVE and bright have they come forth, impetuous in speed like bulls,
Driving the black skin far away.
2 Quelling the riteless Dasyu, may we think upon the bridge of bliss,
Leaving the bridge of woe behind.
3 The mighty Pavamana's roar is heard as ’twere the rush of rain
Lightnings are flashing to the sky.
4 Pour out on us abundant food, when thou art pressed, O Indu wealth
In kine and gold and steeds and spoil.
5 Flow on thy way, Most Active, thou. fill full the mighty heavens and earth,
As Dawn, as Sūrya with his beams.
6 On every side, O Soma, flow round us with thy protecting stream,
As Rasā flows around the world.

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