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HYMN XXXI. Soma Pavamana.

1. THE, Soma-drops, benevolent, come forth as they are purified,
Bestowing wealth which all may see.
2 O Indu, high o’er heaven and earth be thou, increaser of our might:
The Master of all strength be thou.
3 The winds are gracious in their love to thee, the rivers flow to thee
Soma, they multiply thy power.
4 Soma, wax great. From every side may vigorous powers unite in thee:
Be in the gathering-Place of strength.
5 For thee, brown-hued! the kine have poured imperishable oil and milk.
Aloft on the sublimest height.
6 Friendship, O Indu, we desire with thee who bearest noble arms,
With thee, O Lord of all that is.

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