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HYMN XXX. Soma Pavamana.

1. STREAMS of this Potent One have flowed easily to the straining-cloth:
While he is cleansed he lifts his voice.
2 Indu, by pressers urged to speed, bellowing out while beautified.
Sends forth a very mighty sound.
3 Pour on us, Soma, with thy stream manconquering might which many crave,
Accompanied with hero sons.
4 Hither hath Pavamana flowed, Soma flowed hither in a stream,
To settle in the vats of wood.
5 To waters with the stones they drive thee tawny-hued, most rich in sweets,
O Indu, to be Indra's drink.
6 For Indra, for the Thunderer press the Soma very rich in sweets,
Lovely, inspiriting, for strength.

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