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HYMN XXVIII. Soma Pavamana.

1. URGED by the men, this vigorous Steed, Lord of the mind, Omniscient,
Runs to the woollen straining-cloth.
2 Within the filter hath he flowed, this Soma for the Gods effused,
Entering all their essences.
3 He shines in beauty there, this God Immortal in his dwelling-place,
Foe-slayer, dearest to the Gods.
4 Directed by the Sisters ten, bellowing on his way this Steer
Runs onward to the wooden vats.
5 This Pavamana, swiftand strong, Omniscient, gave spleudour to
The Sun and all his forms of light.
6 This Soma being purified, flows mighty and infallible,
Slayer of sinners, dear toGods.

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