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HYMN XXVII. Soma Pavamana.

1. THIS Sage, exalted by our lauds, flows to the purifying cloth,
Scattering foes as he is cleansed.
2 As giving power and winning light, for Indra and for Vāyu he
Is poured upon the filtering-cloth.
3 The men conduct him, Soma, Steer, Omniscient, and the Head of Heaven,
Effused into the vats of wood.
4 Longing for kine, longing for gold hath Indu Pavamana lowed,
Still Conqueror, never overcome.
5 This Pavamana, gladdening draught, drops on the filtering cloth, and then
Mounts up with Sūrya to the sky.
6 To Indra in the firmament this mighty tawny Steer hath flowed,
This Indu, being purified.

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