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1. PAY service unto Agni with your fuel, rouse your Guest with oil:
In him present your offerings.
2 Agni, do thou accept my laud, be magnified by this my song:
Welcome my sweetly-spoken words.
3 Agni, envoy, I place in front; the oblation-bearer I address:
Here let him seat the Deities.
4 Agni, the lofty flames of thee enkindled have gone up on high,
Thy bright flames, thou Refulgent One.
5 Beloved! let my ladles full of sacred oil come near to thee:
Agni, accept our offerings.
6 I worship Agni—may he hear!—the cheerful, the Invoker, Priest,
Of varied splendour, rich in light.
7 Ancient Invoker, meet for praise, beloved Agni, wise and strong,
The visitant of solemn rites.
8 Agni, best Aṅgiras, accept straightway these offerings, and guide
The seasonable sacrifice.
9 Excellent God, with brilliant flames, enkindled bring thou hitherward,
Knowing the way, the Heavenly Host.
10 Him, Sage and Herald, void of guile, ensign of sacrifices, him
Smoke-bannered, rich in light, we seek.
11 O Agni, be our Guardian thou, God, against those who injure us:
Destroy our foes, thou Son of Strength.
12 Making his body beautiful, Agni the Sage hath waxen by
The singer and his ancient hymn.
13 I invocate the Child of Strength, Agni with purifying flame,
At this well-ordered sacrifice.
14 So Agni, rich in many friends, with fiery splendour, seat thyself
With Gods upon our sacred grass.
15 The mortal man who serves the God Agni within his own abode,
For him he causes wealth to shine.
16 Agni is head and height of heaven, the Master of the earth is he:
He quickeneth the waters’ seed.
17 Upward, O Agni, rise thy flames, pure and resplendent, blazing high,
Thy lustres, fair effulgences.
18 For, Agni, thou as Lord of Light rulest o’er choicest gifts: may I,
Thy singer, find defence in thee.
19 O Agni, they who understand stir thee to action with their thoughts:
So let our songs enhance thy might.
20 We ever claim the friendship of Agni, the singing messenger,
Of God-like nature, void of guile.
21 Agni who bears most holy sway, the holy Singer, holy Sage,
Shines holy when we worship him.
22 Yea, let my meditations, let my songs exalt thee evermore.
Think, Agni, of our friendly bond,
23 If I were thou and thou wert I, O Agni, every prayer of thine
Should have its due fulfilment here.
24 For Excellent and Lord of wealth. art thou O Agni, rich in light:
May we enjoy thy favouring grace.
25 Agni, to thee whose laws stand fast our resonant songs of praise speed forth,
As rivers hasten to the sea.
26 Agni, the Youthful Lord of men, who stirreth much and eateth all,
The Sage, I glorify with hymns.
27 To Agni let us haste with lauds, the Guide of sacrificial rites,
Armed with sharp teeth, the Mighty One.
28 And let this man, good Agni, be with thee the singer of thy praise:
Be gracious, Holy One, to him.
29 For thou art sharer of our feast, wise, ever watchful as a Sage:
Agni, thou shinest in the sky.
30 O Agni, Sage, before our foes, before misfortunes fall on us,
Excellent Lord, prolong our lives.

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