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1, 2Then too the single bottle-gourd, the bottle-gourd dug
   from the earth,
3, 4The lute dug up from out the ground: this the wind stirs
   and agitates. p. 370
5, 6Let him prepare a nest, they say: he shall obtain it strong
   and stretched.
7, 8He shall not gain it unspread out. Who among these will
   touch the lute?
9, 10Who among these will beat the drum? How, if he beat it,
   will he beat?
11, 12Where beating will the Goddess beat again again about the
13, 14Three are the names the camel bears, Golden is one of them,
   he said.
15, 16Glory and power, these are two. He with black tufts of hair
   shall strike.

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