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1He minishes, he splits in twain: crush it and let it be
   destroyed. p. 369
3, 4Varuna with the Vasus goes: the Wind-God hath a hundred
5, 6A hundred golden steeds hath he, a hundred chariots
   wrought of gold.
7, 8A hundred bits of golden bronze, a hundred golden
9, 10Lover of Kusa grass, Unploughed! Fat is not reckoned in
   the hoof.
11, 12The ladle doth not hold apart the entrails and the clotted
13, 14This O Mandūrikā, is mine. Thy trees are standing in a
15, 16The plain domestic sacrifice, the sacrifice with burning
17, 18Asvattha, Dhava, Khadira, leaf taken from the Aratu.
19, 20The man pervaded thoroughly lies on the ground as he were
21, 22The biestings only have they milked: one-and-a half of the
   wild ass,
23And two hides of an elephant.

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