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p. a96


A man's love-charm

1Let the Impeller goad thee on. Rest not in peace upon thy bed.
  Terrible is the shaft of Love: therewith I pierce thee to the
2That arrow winged with longing thought, its stem Desire, its
   neck, Resolve,
  Let Kāma, having truly aimed, shoot forth and pierce thee in
   the heart.
3The shaft of Kāma, pointed well, that withers and consumes the
  With hasty feathers, all aglow, therewith I pierce thee to the
4Pierced through with fiercely-burning heat, steal to me with thy
   parching lips,
  Gentle and humble, all mine own, devoted, with sweet words of
5Away Lfrom mother and from sire I drive thee hither with a
  That thou mayst be at my command and yield to every wish of
   mine. p. a97
6Mitra and Varuna, expel all thought and purpose from her
  Deprive her of her own free will and make her subject unto me.

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