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p. a95


A song of harvest

1The plants of earth are rich in milk, and rich in milk is this
   my word,
  So from the rich in milk I bring thousandfold profit hitherward.
2Him who is rich in milk I know. Abundant hath he made our
  The God whose name is Gatherer, him we invoke who dwelleth
   in his house who sacrifices not.
3All the five regions of the heavens, all the five races of man-
  As after rain the stream brings drift, let them bring increase
4Open the well with hundred streams, exhaustless, with a thousand
  So cause this corn of ours to be exhaustless, with a thousand
5O Hundred-handed, gather up. O Thousand-handed, pour thou
  Bring hither increase of the corn prepared and yet to be pre-
6Three sheaves are the Gandharvas' claim, the lady of the house
   hath four.
  We touch thee with the sheaf that is the most abundant of them
7Adding and Gathering are thy two attendants, O Prajāpati.
  May they bring hither increase, wealth abundant, inexhaustible.

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