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A prayer for protection and general prosperity

1Here will we serve with sacrifice the great Controllers of the
  The four immortal Warders who protect the regions of the sky.
2Ye, Guardians of the regions, Gods who keep the quarters of
   the heavens,
  Rescue and free us from the bonds of Nirriti, from grief and
3I, free from stiffness, serve thee with oblation, not lame I sacri-
   fice with oil and fatness.
  Let the strong Warder God, who keeps the regions bring to us
   hither safety and well-being.
4Well be it with our mother and our father, well be it with our
   cows, and beasts, and people.
  Ours be all happy fortune, grace, and favour. Long, very long
   may we behold the sunlight.

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