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A benediction on a King at his consecration

1Guard and protect this man, all Gods and Vasus. Over him keep-
   ye watch and ward, Ādityas.
  Let not death reach him from the hands of brothers from hands
   of aliens, or of human beings.
2Listen, one-minded, to the word I, utter, the sons, O Gods,
   among you, and the fathers!
  I trust this man to all of you: preserve him happily, and to
   length of days conduct him.
3All Gods who dwell on earth or in the heavens, in air, within.
   the plants, the beasts, the waters,
  Grant this man life to full old age, and let him escape the
   hundred other ways of dying. p. a28
4You, claiming Anuyājas or Prayājas, sharers, or not consumers,
   of oblation,
  You, to whom heaven's five regions are apportioned, I make
   companions at his sacred sessions.

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