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WThe theologian's opinion that the most ancient of the Sibyls was the daughter of Noah is based upon the following internal evidence of the Sibylline Books. "'O the great Joy that I had when I escap’d the great Destruction, when my Husband with me, and his Brothers, and Father, and Mother, and their Daughters-in-law, suffer’d much by being long toss’d by the Flood!'" (BOOK I.) * and "'for when the World was drowned, and only one Man of worth was left in his wooden House, swimming on the Waters with the wild and tame Beasts, that the World might replenish again by them; I was his Daughter-in-Law, and of his Blood.'" (BOOK III.)  SIR JOHN FLOYER, KNIGHT, "THE SIBYLLINE ORACLES." LONDON, 1713.


242:* Pages 13, 14.

242:† Page 83.

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