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p. 25


Vesper is here! behold
  Faint gleams that welcome shine!
Rise from the feast, O youths,
  And chant the fescennine!

Before the porch we sing
  The hymeneal song;
Vesper is here, O youths!
  The star we waited long.

We lead the festal groups
  Across the bridegroom's porch;
Vesper is here, O youths!
  Wave high the bridal torch.

Hail, noble bridegroom, hail!
  The virgin fair has come;
Unlatch the door and lead
  Her timid footsteps home.

Hail, noble bridegroom, hail!
  Straight as a tender tree;
Fond as a folding vine
  Thy bride will cling to thee.

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