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p. 24


Bride, that goest to the bridal chamber
In the dove-drawn car of Aphrodite,
      By a band of dimpled
        Loves surrounded;

Bride, of maidens all the fairest image
Mitylene treasures of the Goddess,
      Rosy-ankled Graces
        Are thy playmates;

Bride, O fair and lovely, thy companions
Are the gracious hours that onward passing
      For thy gladsome footsteps
        Scatter garlands.

Bride, that blushing like the sweetest apple
On the very branch's end, so strangely
      Overlooked, ungathered
        By the gleaners;

Bride, that like the apple that was never
Overlooked but out of reach so plainly,
      Only one thy rarest
        Fruit may gather;

Bride, that into womanhood has ripened
For the harvest of the bridegroom only,
      He alone shall taste thy
        Hoarded sweetness.

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