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p. 28


TERRA COTTA. Height, 16 5/25 inches.


BEHIND this figure is seen a vessel, which represents one of those obscene vases called Drillopotæ1 out of which the ancients were wont to drink on certain occasions, undoubtedly in honour of Venus, or perhaps of Bacchus; for, assuredly it would be difficult to suppose anything like dignity or seriousness in such ceremonies. For a long time the corruption of the antique nations led them to feign a disgraceful attachment for the immodest ceremonies to which they were no longer able to yield a sincere worship.

This dwarf holds two objects in his hand which it would be difficult to qualify--two lumps of bread, perhaps. He carries in his belt a sort of casket, which may be the crepundia, a small box or purse for children to keep their toys in.

This Drillopota comes from Civita.


28:1 From δρῖλος, the virile member, and ποτὴρ, a drinking-cup.

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