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Some geese were picking up corn on the fields south of Cochiti (site of old Cochiti village, Ushuk). When they had enough they started to dance. The chief goose sang--

Goose, goose, I came flying from the north,
I found some corn,
I ate it,
My stomach got filled up, got filled up!

[paragraph continues] Then they flew off. One of the geese said, "Let us go farther up west." So they went. When they got to the place, they found there a field of white shells (beads), and they began to pick them up. One of them named Maria was very slow.

They sang, "Maria, Maria, all over this place are many white shells." She caught up with them, but the rest had already had enough to eat. "You're good for nothing, you're too slow picking

p. 160

up white shells." They were afraid for fear the owner of the shells might come, and they made her hurry. "Soon he'll come into his field and he might kill us all. Hurry Maria!" They all cried to Maria, "Are you ready?" "Yes." They all flew up. Then came a crane and started to pick the shells up. "I shall go pick up white shells," he said. So he went to pick up the shells. He had swallowed just one when the owner of the field came and killed him.


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